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Hello beautiful ARMY!! Violet here to bring you your weekly BTS community news, themes, events . . ect.! ♡ So for this week's theme we will be doing Valentine Dates with BTS!
We decided to do a Valentines theme this week because *cue drum roll* BTS' You Never Walk Alone comeback is the week of Valentines!!! Feb 13th (12th U.S) !!!
And also, we have a very special birthday the week of the comeback!! And That Birthday is our one and only hope and our angel J-Hope! ♡
For that week we will be having a HUGE event so keep an eye out for that!!! ♡♡ And that brings me to the end of this BTS Community Weekly card. Like always we encourage you to make cards of your own and dont forget to tag Bangtan's ARMY Mod Squad! Have a beautiful week!! ♡♡


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Its going to be exciting week for BTS 😆