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Ello! Its been a few days since I posted Coffee Break, lol got side tracked with one shots. Now this is just short clip, but wanted to get one out, the next will have the big hiking trip so I'll be working on that soon.

Tae's view.

"What is up with you?" Yoongi asked as we headed to the dorms.
"Nothing why?" I shrugged.
"The other day, you getting possessive of Layla when I mentioned kooki, then when she came over last night you wouldn't even let kooki sit on the couch with you too. Now your giving kooki the cold shoulder" yoongi explained.
"Oh, was I doing all that?" I questioned.
"Tae what is going on in that head of yours?" Yoongi stopped walking and turned to look at me. I stopped walking and looked at him.
"Nothing" I said.
"Your bottling your emotions up right now" yoongi leaned against the wall behind him. "Am I going to have to get you angry to hear this?" He asked. "Honestly I'm sleepy and don't really want to, but I will" he said.
"No, I just don't want kooki near Layla" I shrugged.
"Why not?" Yoongi asked.
"Because he liked Layla" I pointed out. It had only been a few weeks since he confessed he did.
"He's moved on" yoongi said before yawning.
"But if he's around her then he'll start to like her again" I said.
Yoongi chuckled confusing me.
"What? He could go back to liking her! I'm not giving Layla to anybody either. She's mine" I exclaimed, but yoongi just kept chuckling making me upset.
"You can be real possessive" yoongi said as he stood upright and started to walk away.
"Yah! What do you mean possessive?" I trailed behind him.
"Calling her yours, not wanting anyone who could like her near her. " he stopped after those two sentences.
I almost bumped into him, actually I did and I kept myself upright by wrapping my arms around his shoulders.
"That gives me an idea" he said turning around. I lifted my feet off the ground and climbed up his back so that I didn't get hurt.
"Where are we going?" I asked latched onto him.
Yoongi didn't answer but the trip ended at his work room.
"Ah writing lyrics?" I grinned. Well good for him, it had been a while.
I left him and went to my own room . I sat in my chair and swiveled around a few times. I should work on my work, butt I really had something else in mind.
I was excited about the hike, so I was looking up 'things to do with your girlfriend on a hike'.
Turned out there was a lot of things I wanted to do after reading about them.


"Tae" I heard kooki from behind me. He had come back to the dorm late and I was sitting on the couch watching TV. Kooki took a seat next to me then ended up laying down with his head in my lap. I rubbed his head like I was petting a dog.
"Are you done being mad at me?" Kooki asked.
"I haven't been mad at you. " I said.
"Ever since you got with Layla you have been" he said.
"I can't be mad at you" I said ruffling his hair again.
"Then let's talk. I think I like a girl" kookie said. "And Not layla, her friend Mia" kookie said.
Kookie ended up telling me all about her. He seemed to be more interested and talkative about  Layla, or even Keri.


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ok holy moly that was cute...short but that's ok...we are getting somewhere...I'm so excited when is the hiking!?!?!?
omo kookie's there....and is Tae larger than before...hold please must go check update: yes he is getting bigger and in color lol
Every chapter since Mel's wedding I feel like I'm missing half the stories I'm so confused 🤷🏽‍♀️
Go for it Kookie!