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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"

Part: Chapter 12
First Part: Introduction
Previous Part: Chapter 11
Next Part: Chapter 13
Warning: Strong language.

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Narrator's P.O.V:

Jin had already heard everything through the mic Yoongi was wearing, and was ready to go. Once Jungkook , Taemin and Yoongi appeared in the house, Taehyung jumped out of his seat to open the door to Yoongi's room. Jin and Jen followed behind them.

"Is he okay?" Jin asked, the worried tone in his voice noticeable. All Jungkook could do was nod as he placed Yoongi on his bed. He pulled the covers over him, noticing how shaken up he was. He'd never seen his hyung so messed up before. His blonde locks clung to his skin from sweat, and he was shaking feverishly. His brows furrowed together, soft whimpers of pain escaped his lips, and his body curled up under the covers, attempting to hide from it all.

Jin placed his palm to the back of Yoongi's head, entering his mind and attempting to calm him down and keep him asleep. He felt the familiar sting behind his neck, crawling up to his brain. It was a normal stimulation every time he attempted something like this.

"K-Kookie," Jen practically whimpered. Jungkook was about to turn to her before she forced his head to look away. "Sorry... i'm a little bit naked. I was a cat before you guys came and didn't have clothes with me... uhm... H-how's J-Hope-oppa... and Jimin-oppa?" She questioned, afraid of the answer.

"They're completely fine. Better off than the rest of us in this situation actually. Don't worry." Jungkook smiled, though she couldn't see. He patted her hand and she thanked him, shifting back into a cat.

"Alright," Jin sighed and straightened up. He turned to look at Jungkook and nodded. "We can go. Taemin, will you be alright here?"

"I'm fine. I was just a little shaken up but i'll be fine, don't worry," He nodded. Taehyung reached over to place a hand on his shoulder, trying to search his eyes for lies.

"Jen do you think he's lying?"

"I can stand naked in front of him and force him to tell the truth." She spoke, knowing only he'd be able to hear her.

"Aish we'll just believe him." He laughed. "Go wait in my room. You're going to watch a movie with Jen and I whether you like it or not." Taemin smiled, walking out to Taehyung's room. He's been there a few times and already knows which room is who's.

"As for you," Taehyung practically growled to Jungkook. Though they were the same height, at that moment, you wouldn't have been able to tell with the way Jungkook shrank back. Taehyung cupped his cheek in his palm, forcing Jungkook to look up at him. "Don't you ever scare me like that again, understood?" Taehyung could practically make his words into an audible whisper. He felt the familiar sting in his eyes of tears threatening to form, but he forced them back. Jungkook nodded, hugging him close. Their lips pressed together and they both melted, moving them in sync. It was a soft, longing kiss that told them they both thought they'd never see eachother again.

"We'll be back," Jin smiled to them both. They broke their kiss with a pop, smiling at eachother. "Come on, we need to help Jiminie and Hobi."

Jungkook nodded, reaching over to touch Jin's shoulder, instantly teleporting to the club.
They were back in the room where Jimin had brought the other three people that were with Woo Bin.

"Jin, a little help," Jimin groaned. The three people were huddled around Jimin, feeling him up and down. Their hands were everywhere, lips begging to kiss, hips grinding for touch. Jimin rolled his eyes, keeping his arms crossed. None of them even slightly turned him on or affected him, but if he were to push one off of him, the trance would ware off.

"Wow this is the trance you were talking about huh," Jin stared amazed. The trance was something new to Jimin. He'd found out that there were different ways he could play with his persuasion. One of which was having people completely "tranced" by him. He wouldn't need to say anything, or use words to convince them. He'd release a certain pressure of sexual pheromones that had people clinging to him.

Jimin nodded. "I'll hand them to you one at a time." He smirked, pushing one harshly off of him. Immediately, the trance wore off and he was lunging at Jimin, who barely noticed how fast the man was. But... Jungkook was faster.

J-Hope barely had a chance to jump the guy before Jungkook was already at it. He appeared in front of the guy, hand wrapping firmly around his throat. He punched harshly at his rib, kneed his gut, and gave him a swift right hook. The nameless man groaned as he hit the ground, spitting out a bit of blood that had pooled in his mouth. He glared up at Jungkook as if he was going to attack again.

"Unless you want me to dislocate your jaw, stay on the fucking floor." Jungkook threatened. The man huffed, holding his hands up in surrender. A smile formed on Jungkook's lips and he turned to nod at Jin, who gave him a thumbs up and went to wiping and re-arranging some memories.

"That was hot," Jimin joked, winking at Jungkook. "Thanks for the save there."

"I'm impressed," J-Hope spoke, tucking his knives back under his sleeves. Jungkook smiled shyly at the both of them, waving them off.

After they got all three of them down and quiet, Jin poked their minds for information and answers on who Kim Woo Bin really was. Any of his plans, affiliates, minions, locations, and anything else, Jin was writing down to bring straight to Namjoon. J-Hope rolled up the entire floor rug with the help of Jungkook. They quietly teleported to a dumpster behind the club, and threw it in. While it would have been smart to at least set it on fire to get rid of all the evidence, the bodies were already in ashes. The bones were completely disintegrated, and while normal fire wouldn't be able to do something like that so fast, Yoongi didn't have normal fire. Jimin walked back into the club to talk to some of the staff. A lot of the customers tried to flirt with him, among other things, but the staff directed their attention away every time. Jimin thanked them for their understanding and help.

A while later, Jungkook found Jimin and had him gather in his office with the rest of them. He waited for Jin's information.

"So that was definitely the gang leader. Though a stupid one, a very stupid one, he has operations everywhere. And i mean... everywhere," Jin sighed, rubbing his eyes. "One of them says his son will take over the gang, though since he didn't have a son, his girlfriend takes over. Now, the supposed 'brainless bimbo' girlfriend is now the leader of this gang, since Woo Bin's dead. She won't be for long though, since, according to one of them, she'll refuse to get the tattoo which is essential. She also won't pass initiation. Listen, i don't know much about gangs so i'm just reading off my notes," he laughed. Jimin nodded, looking toward the man who attempted to attack him.

"How did you alter their memories?" J-Hope asked, crossing his arms.

"I did my best to find out why they were actually here, in case the reason they told you was a lie. It most definitely was. Turns out, Woo Bin knew who the previous owner was. Their plan was to bust him out of jail and have him go back to silently running their previous business of selling children, using this place as the selling spot again. Reason being, the previous sellers still visit this place frequently against your knowledge. They only trust this establishment since they've used it for years. They're reluctant to use any other business, so Woo Bin promised to get this one back and under his name," He paused to look back at the three people's dazed looks. "As for their memories, all they'll remember is that they came here and couldn't get a hold of the owner until tomorrow. They left, were ambushed by whatever gang they're rivaling, and Woo Bin, Hi, and Sage were killed. How effective that will be, i have no idea, but it's all i could think of for now."

"I'll speak to Taemin about all of this tomorrow, and see what we do about it," Jimin said.

J-Hope nodded, and Jin told them to go home and only remember what he told them, while the rest of them teleported back to the house. Jungkook ran passed all of them to go be with Taehyung, and Jimin waved to Namjoon then headed to Yoongi's room.

"You all okay?" Namjoon smiled. Jin nodded, asking him if he wanted anything to eat or drink. Namjoon nodded, following him to the kitchen.

J-Hope yawned, walking into his room tiredly. The lights were off, and he could only fully see his closet through the light of the moon outside. He took off his jacket, shirt and pants, throwing them into the hamper by his closet.

"A-are you... a-a-are you okay oppa?" Jen asked quietly from his bed. He whipped around, not even noticing she was in there. He calmed down slightly, staring at her awkwardly. She was on the side of his bed he always slept on, with his sheets wrapped around her. Her long white locks draped over her shoulders, and he could clearly see the glow of her dark skin, even though there was barely any light hitting her. He sighed, feeling that frustratingly familiar sensation growing in his gut. He went back into his closet, sliding on some pajama pants.

"Yes, i'm alright. Yoongi-hyung is the one we should all be worried about."

"Somehow i highly doubt that," She smiled, reaching over to turn on the small lamp by his bed.
"Jimin will help him." J-Hope thanked her for the light, thinking it was so that he could see his way to his bed, but secretly she just wanted to stare at him. She gawked at his chest and the way he looked down at her.

"I sleep on this side Jen," He spoke calmly. She nodded, scooting over to the other side. She kept the sheets tightly wrapped around her as he got comfortable. She honestly didn't know what to do. Should she have moved? Maybe had juse left?

"Can i have my sheets? The deal was you stayed a cat and slept at the foot of the bed, remember?" He said with his eyes closed, already comfortable and ready to pass out. She wanted to whimper in protest. She wanted to keep talking to him... to sleep next to him... to snuggle up to him and smile, touch his face, kiss him... but she couldn't. She simply gave him a nod that he couldn't see, unwrapping the sheets from around her, and draping them over him. She tucked them under only his arms. His brows furrowed together.

"How did you know that i liked my sheets tucked under my arms?"

She smiled sadly, scooting off the bed. "I know it's a bit uncomfortable to have me sleep on your bed, so i'll sleep on the floor-"

"Absolutely not-"

"Just... please. I won't be able to stay at the foot of the bed... you know that." She whispered, her back to him. She knew she wouldn't be able to help herself if she slept on his bed. She'd find her way next to him somehow. She'd be against him, snuggled into the crook of his neck, and clinging to him by morning.

She felt tears prick the back of her eyes, and silently let them fall as she shifted into a cat. She curled up in the small bit of light from the moon spilling from the window.

J-Hope didn't honestly know how to process someone liking him. He'd never dealt with it or experienced it before. It was all so foreign to him, but he couldn't just let her sleep on the floor. He knew she was suffering enough from her emotions toward him, and he couldn't find it in himself to leave her there.

He got up from his bed and rummaged through his drawer for a second. He pulled out a pair of black boxers, and went to his closet to pull out a plain black T-shirt that was a little bit too big for him.

Jen looked up at him as he walked over to crouch next to her.

"Come on. Shift." He spoke rather softly. He himself found it weird that his words were spoken in such a way. Jen enjoyed it, assuming it was the only time he'd speak in such a way to her, let alone anyone. She shifted, standing bare in front of him. It took everything in his power not to look up. He lifted her feet one by one, putting each leg through their fitting places in the boxers. He slid them up her legs and stood up, still willing his eyes to look to the side of him in respect, not wanting to look without her permission. He settled them on her waists.

"Please look at me," she whispered. "I'm fine with it." So he did, nodding at her. He opened the shirt, sliding it over her head. She slid her arms through it and settled it comfortably against her.

"I'm smiling in my head," He spoke finally. "Trust me, i am." She smiled up at him and nodded, not wanting to say anything back, afraid she'd ruin the moment. "Alright, let's sleep."

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