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Topp Dogg Challenge
Hello Topp Klass! Its Melissa, one of your Topp Klass mod supporters. I will be starting a Topp Dogg feature called 'Take the Topp Dogg Challenge'. Every week, I'll be posting a challenge for you all. Its up to you if you want to take the challenge.
I'm going to start with Try not to fall in love challenge. We are going to start with our handsome leader P-Goon. I want to wish everyone luck. I already lost the challenge. I hope you do better or last longer then me.

Next week is Hojoon, so stay tuned for that.

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I only looked at the picture and I already lost...
10 months ago·Reply
@awkwardjazzy Wow! really? 😂
10 months ago·Reply
Haha yes.
10 months ago
Honestly how can you resist P-Goon? 😆💓
10 months ago·Reply
I fell in love with him a long time ago
10 months ago·Reply
@VKookie47 @AimeeH Its hard to resist P-Goon but not impossible 😀
10 months ago·Reply