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Flash 9~
Jiwon snickered under his breath, "Hyung, just give us a few minutes."

Chanwoo blinked twice, "hyung, if it's dealing with Sail noona, I think you're gonna need more than a few minutes." His lips twitched with the temptation to smirk.

"Don't make me hunt you donw, Channie," I growled, knowing exactly where his mind was going. Perv.

Hanbin raised an eyebrow then huffed softly and threw his arm around the maknae beside him. "Fine. Just no funny business Jiwon..... Sail." I flinched at my name. Please. I would never.

The door clicked behind him, and before I could turn around and resume my murderous ways, Jiwon had jumped me. He hopped to his feet, grabbed my waist and pushed me all the way back until my shoulder blades smacked the wall with soft thud. Both of is arms shooting instantly to the sides of my head, trapping me like an animal. His hot breathing on the top of my head making me hold my breathe as if it was my last.

"How about another deal?" He murmured through a rough voice. My insides quivered. Was this how it felt to be seconds away from death? I thought bunnies were herbivores, what the hell is this one trying to do? I press my lips into a thin line and squeeze my eyes shut. Surely Jojo would here my cry for help if I screamed hard enought in my head.

"Sail...." he murmured again, this time, a little louder, a little rougher, and a little needy for my liking.


"Look at me."

I shook my head.

"Sailynn. Look. At. Me." This time, he growled.

Damnit. My cheeks started to burn from holding my breath just as I opened my eyes and glanced up, but his gaze- soft, careful gaze, made my mouth betray me with a soft gasp. He didn't look hurt, he didn't look pained, it was a look that would probably make anyone in the same situation react the same way. It was a vulnerable side of Kim Jiwon.

"Don't look at me like that," he whispered.

"Like what?" My voice too, faint and airy.

"As if I'm going to hurt you."

"You're dangerous."

He closed his eyes for a moment and in that moment, I saw him for who he truly was. There's a side of Kim Jiwon that I know could destroy me. A side of him that has the potiental of actually touching my soul. I didn't love the man, but I admired him. A lot. Too much for my own comfort. But he didn't need to know that. No one needed to know that I would forever hold this image of his vulnerable face forever in the back of my head.

"Sailynn." He breathed, his eyes still closed.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Once again, something had muted my vocals.

"Sailynn." He repeated before continuing. "You know I'll never hurt you."

I licked my lips, "I-I k-nn-oow."

"Then trust me."

"I do."

"Promise?" His voice brushed a darker tone, creating goosebumps down my arms.


His eyes opened, revealing pools of charcoal underneath with something unidentifiable smothered inside. "Then kiss me."

My jaw dropped. Actually, everything dropped. My knees tried to cave but Jiwon held me up with a firm arm around my waist, pressing me to his body.

Without realizing it, I began to pant. It was as if I had ran harder and faster than never before, the type where you were too out of breathe to actually heave for air and your body had to take quick short breathes in order to restore the depletion of oxygen in the body. My body tingled with a thousand needles, the kind you get when your legs fell asleep after a while. And though I could physically hear my brain go into panic mode over my lifeless state, I couldn't feel the blood pumping, I couldn't feel my heart functioning. Was I dead?

"Sailynn." His voice stung like ice, there was a smirk in his voice. A bit too pleased, type of smirk. "Kiss me." He restated without putting in the effort to cover up his amusment.

I blink, forcing the only world I could conjure up out of my mouth. "Why?"

His breath hitched as if to prevent a snicker. "Because I want you to kiss me."

I needed to buy more time to come up with a proper counter. "Why?"

"Because I know you want to."


"Because I watched you lick your lips a few minutes ago."


"So they look ready to kiss."


"Sailynn. Just do it."

My body finally snapped back into homeostasis, creating an idea in my head. "I can't."

"Oh? Why not?" Jiwon asked, smirking.

"Because Sam will get mad."

"No she won't."

"How do you know?"

"Because I know how to keep a secret-"


"And how to make sure you stay quiet too."

I flinched. "What? Ho- wh- what?"

He leaned down, his breath traveling past my cheek and onto my shoulder. I shuttered instantly. "No one has to know what happened today just like no one will know what happened what happened the other day. It'll be our little secret."

I stood there, once again, body completely limp, head thrown into chaos, and a stomach doing belly flops that quickly made squeeze my eyes shut when the room started to spin out of control.

"Sail, just kiss me and things will go back to normal."

.......... o.o
I'm honestly praying for someone to bargin in the door and save me! DX

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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Things have taken a turn. Love how you tried to use me as an excuse though, Just kiss him already sail πŸ˜‰
Don't worry, I'm pretty sure HanBin is making sure no-one will bother you guys!
@pharmgirlerin Evil eonnie, that's evil πŸ˜”