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Hello Beautiful ARMY's This week's theme was BTS Selca Week!♡ So for today i decided to go with mirror selcas because who doesnt love Jimin's mirror selfies?! I feel like his mirror selcas are just so cute and have a different vibe than his regular selcas. But don't get me wrong he looks adorable either way! ♡♡

Lets get started!!! And i hope you guys enjoy this card! ♡♡☆☆

*Jimin's Selcas with BTS Members !♡*
And that wraps up this weeks Jimin Card !! ♡♡ I really hope you all enjoyed it and saved some pictures along the way !! And Isn't Jimin just stunning ?! Idk how i even made it through making this card. ♡.♡
Same here Suga, Same here. Anyway i hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!!! ♡♡


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you know, there was a time i thought Jimin was to be my bias. With all the rings and jewelry, the selfies, and being cute while rude AF at the same time. But then Namjoon was like no fing way, and took me in his grasps. My heart still beats for jimin when i see how cute he is. But I have execpted him as another wrecker
Jimin is so cute and handsome!!!
Same Yoongi, same. I always suffer every day because of Jimin.
mirror selca...