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This is not a drill! !!! Got7 just announced comeback date at the 3rd Fan meeting!!!
guys.. I just got out from the best fan meeting ever! * will update about everything that happened later* but I think letting aghases prepare their hearts for this is way more Important! !! TELL YO FRIENDS, YO MAMA TELL EVERYONE! GOT IS BACK BABY!!!
Arrival is due for March !!!! yes they actually called it arrival! !!
the flight is over! the turbulence is over! they are safe for arrival!!!
A new era! guys I'm so excited! !! I did not expect this announcement today !
I'm not ready! well.. maybe my body is ready.. but not my mind and wallet ^^
soo excited! !!!!!
good morning by the way! good way to wake up right? I'm back after a very long time and I'm excited to bring you guys more updates after my long absence! ♡♡♡♡ thank you for following! tag a friend good morning ^^