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So here there was sitting not being able to control my curiosity and finally gave in and read the Heirs ep 1 recap on dramabeans(I love dramabeans btw) since waiting for it to be subbed was killing me. Now I know not to read recaps until after watching the said drama cos the recap was ok but the comments afterwards(from readers) kinda reduced my excitement for the heirs cos people were kinda complaining about the acting abd that the engrish(english lol) was horrible(I was kind of expecting that tho,cos most korean actors have cringe worthy english) but it would be hard to watch lee min ho murder english(engrish lol) since I love him so much. Mixed comments about PSH acting too,well idk I'm not really a fan of hers And that a lot of overacting all around,now I'm thinking should I lower my expectations or what should I do? Should I read episode two's recap or not? You guys that have seen the two episodes tell me what you think!!! I'm scared for Lee min ho cos I want the drama to do really well! Guyssssss??????!!!!!
all who saw ep 1 would be cringing at LMH's engrish but then his captivating gaze at PSH was all worth.. i don't care how bad he was speaking the language.. this is LMH we are talking about.. i know his faults but atleast you can see how hard he tried speaking the language that he wasn't used to.. still proud of him...
@Bquimzon thanks for u r opinion,no matter how it turns out I'm still going to watch it for Lee Min Ho
Well, as for my own opinion since this is a pilot episode i will give them the benefit of the doubt as long as the storyline will gets better in the next episodes. With regards of LMH's acting ability in this drama I thought he's quite good but I do hope he will give more of it since his character in this drama is profound. I hate to say this but their English are so bad. They didn't have a good command of English and need to work it out or to try more harder to speak fluently or better to head back to Korea so they can just speak with their own native tongue. Anyways, as I've said this is only my own opinion. And as for the recap of dramabeans I would suggest to watch it first before you read the recap so you will not bias when you give your own reviews. 馃槂
@irelis27 *sigh* thanks,I guess dats wat happens wen sumtin is overhyped
Mixed feelings as well... not sure if I love it or if im even into it... after so much hype... epi 1 really didnt live up to my expectation of it!! I dunno! But I will keep watching or reading!! +)