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Heebum must be growing sentimental in Autumn. If I don't sleep with him, he cries. So if I let him in the room, he cries because he wants to go out. If I let him out, he cries because he wants to come in.. When I see Heebum-ee be bipolar, I end up saying "A really, this biXXXX." ^-^ you crazy cat, let hyung sleep some too T^T (4 hours ago) After eating with Im Changjung-hyung(,) I came home(,) washed up(,) laid down and thought that (he) was such a cute hyung. He said that he is happy that he is busier than idols lately, and looking at him when he talks about his fans(,) really(,) he is a handsome person. After many years(,) will I also have a junior that I would be able to have enjoyable talks with? I am envious of Changjunggie-hyung. for having such a sense-genius junior like me.. Changjung-hyung said he has music bank and walked off so I didn't take a photo with him so I'm replacing it with (a photo of) taetiseo (5 hours ago)