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I decided to stay even after I knew my brother was coming. If I left then Yoongi would take out his frustration out on V when he discovered I was long gone. So, I sat with the room's silence creeping into my ears, and the softness of the couch's invisible touch on my fingers. V stood at the kitchen table, arms crossed, the tension of thoughts visibly darting all over his brain. I looked up at him from afar, seeing his brown eyes down casted to the ground. Did he believe me? I couldn't tell. As I peered at him, his eyes flicked up for a second, connecting his eyes to mine. I immediately looked away.
Why did I look away? I thought angrily as I maneuvered my head to look back at V again, realizing he still hadn't looked away from me.
"Why are you looking at me?" I cut, shaking the thoughts quickly out of my head.
"I don't know." He said, looking just as confused as I was. I coughed uncomfortably, as he continued, darting away my own eyes again.
"Ok...." I said, raising my eyebrows.
We sat in silence again, letting the warm air in the room fill our nostrils. I shifted on the seat and peered at V from the corner of my eyes. He held his head in his arms, his bangs slightly covering his eyes, and I could tell he was confused about something because his jaw was clenched, defining his jawline.
What is he thinking about? Rosanna? At my own thought I clenched my own teeth. He shouldn't be thinking about her at this moment. We have better things to think about it. I sighed though, knowing it couldn't be helped, but was frustrated at my own selfishness nevertheless.
"Hey V?" I said, a sudden curiosity hitting my train of thought. He looked at me curiously, telling me, with his eyes, he was listening. "Rosanna...." I said slowly. "is she a werewolf?"
V raised his head and looked at my confused.
"Eh, why do you ask?" He said, scrunching up his eyebrows and sitting up straight now. I shrugged my shoulders, because to be honest I don't know why I asked. It was just something I thought about.
Well, I guess if she is then it complicates things....I thought
"Well, as far as I'm concerned she isn't." I said bluntly raising my own head that had been resting on my hands.
"She isn't....." V said slowly agreeing with my statement. I nodded and looked away thinking for a minute. "I guess that's for the best. Wouldn't want three werewolves to deal with." I mumbled almost to myself.
I could feel V narrow his eyes at me from my own words and I looked back at him to confirm it.
"We don't even know if Namjoon was the person who turned us in, so you can't assume that we might have to deal with werewolves." He said, irritation dripping softly from his lips.
I sighed, pushing my lips together in a frown. His resistance was uncanny at the very thought his best friend betrayed him, and it irritated me. "Why don't you believe me?" I asked curiously, my own irritation beginning to be clear in my own words. "I know what I saw."
" I don't believe Namjoon would do that." V said simply, glaring at me. 
"Well, he's dating your girlfriend, so anything is possible." I cut back, immediatly, ending our short dispute with the only possible evidence I had to show that Namjoon would do such a thing. I could tell he was caught off guard with my sudden acerbic tone, but I was getting extremely annoyed extremely fast at how he would rather believe him than me. I sighed softly to myself, and pushed back some of my hair. "I know I'm being harsh," I said. " but if my brother is coming then we need to figure out a plan, because if we don't have one then we're both going to die. Also if Namjoon imprinted on her it would complicate things."
V's eyes sparked a deep green at the mention of imprintment giving me the evidence that he had already thought about it.
"He hasn't" he said, the words forced through is teeth, becoming defensive. I looked at him pushing my lips together in disbelief. Damn this kid, he doesn't even know that for sure.
"We don't know that. It's not something he would openly tell you and the imprintment could be anywhere on his body. It doesn't generalize in any one area." I told him, putting my thoughts into words.
"I just know okay." He said, looking away from me.
"Did you imprint on her then?" I asked, getting up and moving so I could look him in the eyes, because Lord knows I wouldn't believe a word he would say if I didn't say it to my face. If Namjoon didn't and he's acting like this then that could mean that he already imprinted on her instead
I saw his jaw tighten as he licked his lips. "No, I didn't. " He cut harshly.
 I watched him sit there, anger radiating from his body and sighed softly as I moved closer and kneeled before him.
I need to settle down. This isn't the best idea to argue about something like this. The best thing to do is to help V get over  Rosanna, because unless he doesn't then he won't help me. My knees made a soft thud as they hit the ground, but it was just enough to get V's attention. I looked at him sympathetically and put my hand on his free one that was resting on his knee.
"V... if you haven't imprinted on her and she's cheating on you then why do you stay with her?" I said, letting my voice become soft as the sound drift away in his ears. V  looked at me, the look of sorrow painted on his face and his green eyes lighting his face. "I love her." he simply stated, like that was enough reason. I sighed to myself, but gave him a frown."But, if she doesn't love you back then what's the point?" I said, cocking my head slightly to the side. V didn't answer right away as he looked into my eyes and in return I gave him a small smile waiting for him to say something. "I don't know" he said, finally getting the answer I wanted. 
"Then I think you should break up with her." I told him honestly, squeezing his hand slightly, telling him that I wasn't going to fight anymore. 
He shook his head. "It's not that simply." He told me, looking at our hands for a moment.
"Why? You'll find someone to imprint on if that's what you're worried about." I said, giving him a comforting smile.
"That's not it." he said, frowning.
"then what is it?" I asked, looking at him confused.
"There's someone else." He said.
"If both of you are cheating on another, that's really unhealthy relationship." I said, glaring at him.
What kind of relationship does he actually have with her? I asked secretly to myself.
"That's not it!" He said, ruffling his hair embarrassed, quickly taking his hand away.
"Then what is it?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. V sighed and put his head on his hands again.
"It complicated. I don't know what I feel yet for her." He mumbled quietly. "She's really different than Rosanna."
Probably doesn't cheat on her boyfriend. I thought sarcastically as I rolled my eyes in my head. 
Even though I thought this I gave him another look of disbelief, quickly scolding him. "If you like her then that shouldn't matter." I said, giving him the best advice I could think of on the spot.
"I don't think you understand." he said frowning a little.
"what don't I understand?" I asked, looking at him.
"I don't really know her very well." He said simply, licking his lips again. 
"Then get to know her. I don't know a lot about dating, but it's pretty much common sense." I said.
 V sighed and ruffled his hair again, looking to the side with his eyes dark, like he was taking in my consideration.
"I don't know." he finally said, his voice trailing off into the distance. "It's a little bit more complicated." He said nervously. 
I stood up, my knees cracking from being in the same position for a long time. "Get up." I basically command, taking his hand again. V looked at me surprised and got up from the chair. 
"Why?" He asked as he stood in front of me confused.
"I'm going to help you." I said, releasing his hand.
V raised his eyes at me, confused to what I could be implying.
"With what?" He asked.
"I'm going to help you ask out the other girl, so just pretend I'm the other girl you're interested  in and ask me out." I said, jesting to myself. 
He looked at me bewildered and took a half step back. "I already told you I don't know what I feel yet." He said quickly, looking even more nervous as he stood in front of me.
"That's why I'm helping you. If you go out with her and you find out you actually do like her then it will help you move on from your cheating girlfriend." I said confidently." Now how does this girl act?" I asked, ignoring his persistence. 
V's cheeks turned a slight pink and he folded his arms. "Giala, I don't think you understand." He said, sternly. I rolled my eyes and stepped forward again. "Just pretend. It's not for real okay. I'm trying to help you, so cooperate." 
V laughed curtly. "This isn't helping me." He said.
"We won't know until you try," I said back, just as sternly as he was talking to me.
 V sighed heavily, letting his breath last for a few seconds as he thought about it. 
"Fine." He said, taking a step forward, taking my hand.
"Good, now what will you say?" I asked, giving him my victory smile.
 "I don't know?" He said, thinking for a minute. "How about: Giala do you want to go out with me tomorrow?" he said awkwardly, looking at me. 
"It's not going to work if you don't use her name. Try again" I said, scowling him.
V breathed frustrated and tightened his hold on my hands. "Just let me use your name." He said sternly back, bringing me closer. "It's not going to work any other way."
I rolled my eyes. sure it will.
"Just trying to help." I stated bluntly, mumbling to myself. V looked at me, pushing his lips together.
 "Giala?"He said after a few seconds. 
"ya" I asked looking up at him.
"Just let me practice" 
"How much longer are we going to walk?" Yoongi yelled, his eyes slicing into my back as I walked ahead. The sides of my mouth dipped down, forming a frown, as the sticks and leaves under my feet painted my shoes in brown and green. We had been walking for two days now, and the silence of the woods we were in mostly captivated our atmosphere except frothe occasional word of annoyance from Yoongi.  I grabbed a branch, annoyed myself, and pushed it out of the way, letting it smack right in front of Yoongi's face, and the flutter of leaves hitting his skin making me smile to myself.
"Damn it!" Yoongi spat, gripping the thick branch and pulling the whole stick off the tree, snapping it simply with one hand. "Watch it you punk or I kill you too."
A harsh laugh of disbelief left my lips and I instantly regretted it. Yoongi grabbed me by the back of my shirt and turned me around, his green eyes burning into me. "You think I was kidding?" he sneered, pulling me down to his eye level. I tried to jerk free, but Yoongi's hold on me was too tight.
"Answer me." His knuckles turned white as he tightened his hold.
"Of coarse not sir." I said, the apathetic tone visible as he stared in my dark eyes, with his own green ones. 
Yoongi, not happy with my words, harshly threw me to the ground, making my pants plastered with dirt.
Bastard  I thought, rubbing my leg.
I sat there for a split second, letting the pain slowly fade until I saw a pair of boots walk over me, causing me to look up.
"If we're going to work together you at least have to treat my followers with respect Yoongi." Jungkook sighed loudly, peering at me from the side. He angrily gestured with his head to get up so that he wouldn't look weak in front of another alpha.
I instantly threw myself up and nodded back. "It won't happen again." I said to him confidently.
"It better not." He cut back at me and stuffed his hands back into his pockets, walking forward. 
"This better be worth it though." Yoongi cut at me, ignoring Jungkook's words, and glaring at me from the side.
 I nodded.
"It will be. After V told me about his imprintment I immediately contacted you, knowing that there wasn't any other werewolves in the area, and after hearing that Giala had escaped I was sure it couldn't be anyone else, because she looked almost the same from when we were kids."  I said confidently. I saw Yoongi head go up and down from behind, since he had turned back around half way through my explanation, and I knew I had convinced him.
"I'm going to kill her before she can see me coming then." He said, his voice leaking with the sinister thoughts of killing his sister.