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Oh guys this is so late.... but that's what happens when you join (Forcefully) the campus safetly team on groundhog.
Weclome back, I hope your week was great! This week I decied to interveiw the SMUT QUEEN : Amobts. I'm sure a lot of people know her, she works for many communties included the fan fic team. High key someone of the best smut I've ever read.
She has a fan fic game up right now and will new starting a new story Monday, Feduary 6, 2017.

1) Please introduce yourself!
I'm @amobts. I'm an aries. I love Kpop, Korean Hip-hop, fanfiction and anime. I'm an ARMY for life! My bias is Jimin with Namjoon strong in 2nd. I have a BA in English and a MSW (Masters in Clinical Social work). My spirit animal is the wolf and tiger.
2)When did you start writing?
I began writing in the 5th grade. That's when the writing bug bit me!
3)Why genre for writing are you most comfortable with and why?
I love writing smut and adult fanfiction. I feel this genre doesn't have limits and I hate limits when it comes to creativity especially writing.
4)In your opinion what is your best fan fic?
This one is hard. "BTS: Loves Chocolate" Low key I have a fanfiction that I've tried sharing that I think is really my best, but my peeps wasn't feeling it. So I didn't post all of it.
5)Promote your best fan fic in 5 words or less!
Sweet, Humorous, Smutty, Surprising, Spicy
6) How do you deal with writer's block?
I just daydream or take a nap. Most of my stories are based off my dreams.
7)Any advice for other writer out there?
I would say don't limit yourself and submerge your self in literature. Read fanfictions to classical literature. Expose yourself to different writing styles and don't be afraid to break the notions of what is normal.

Once again sorry for uploading so late and a thank you to Amobts for the interview! Be sure to check her out!

The Fan Fic Mod team <3
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