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I Don't Like You/But I Wanna Be (A Reis and Jay Love Letter/One Shot)
Valentine’s Day: A day that is known around the world as a day to celebrate love. But for those who don’t have loved ones or who have loved ones that can’t be with them how do you celebrate. What does this day mean to you? Love? Confirmation? Affirmation? Hanging with Family? Or just another day on the block? What best describes you?

I hope you all enjoyed this Love Letter/One Shot. I had a lot of fun making it.
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@royalpandajedi 💚💚💚😈😈😈😈
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if only other people can take this approach more often maybe then the world will have less heartbreaks.
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@diamondlily21 I never really thought about that. You mean how they did the 90 day Trial Date?
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@diamondlily21 yes that's very true. people don't believe in doing that anymore. which is very sad
8 months ago