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Red Rover send Sana up!
Sana is a vocalist and the lead Dancer in the group TWICE
Sana’s mother loves music so she started to sing more and more. Later on in life she became interested with the entertainment business and auditioned for Jyp entertainment while in middle school. Sana got accepted through several different auditions. That is how she got her start with the company. She is also well educated and can write Japanese calligraphy.

A little extra bits

Sana’s hometown is Osaka, Japan
Japanese, koeran and English are the 3 languages she knows
Her accent is kansai dialect, region kansai where osaka has specific dialect
She is also a crazy shopoholic,
Her role models are Girls Generation, and KARA.
She loves scented candles
Clothing is constantly changing with her mood and concept of the day.
She loves horror movies.
Oh and Sana also has an Australian citizenship