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Summary: If you knew you can't be together forever what would you do?
Wattpad Link for this chapter: C L I C K H E R E A/N: This chapter is eh lol but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways ♥ ---------------------------------------------- When you got out of your room the smell of pancakes and bacon filled the air. "Jungkook when did you start coo--" You paused as you realized that Jin was the one cooking,"Sorry I helped myself to your kitchen...I figured I caused some trouble last night. So I'll repay you with this." You nodded slowly as you opened the fridge all while watching Jin cook. You took note of the how the sun was hitting his face. You took note of the way his muscles flexed out when he flipped the pancakes. You watched as sweat beads started to form on his temples. You then grabbed a paper towel and wiped off his sweat unconsciously. Before you realized it Jin had grabbed your hand and stared into your eyes,"What are you doing?" You cleared your throat as you looked down taking your hand back,"Sorry I was...I unconsciously..." He laughed,"Your hands always seems to be doing their own things huh? I guess it is a Choi Y/N thing." You nod as you step back as he got closer. Your heart fluttered but Jungkook's words kept playing in your mind. What would hurt more for him? Being with Suzy or being with me? You had hit the drawers just realizing that you are now trapped in between the kitchen drawers and Jin. He placed his arms on the kitchen table each arm blocking each side of you,"I remember what I said and I mean it...I like you alot Y/N..." He then dove in. Your mind going crazy assuming he was going for a kiss you closed your eyes but instead he places his forehead on yours. "Just give me a chance..." You opened your eyes realizing that his eyes were staring straight into yours. You were about to give in. To tell Jin that he made you feel something. That he helped give meaning to your ending life but then you heard someone clearing their throat from behind Jin,"Are the pancakes ready?" Jin put his head up. He looked up then to the side glaring at Jungkook, "Yeah. They're right there." He then leans towards you ears,"We're not done. Meet me at Kiri Cafe. Later in the afternoon." You slightly nodded as he grabbed his jacket from the living room,"I'll see you guys around. See you in class later Jungkook." Jungkook nodded as he took a seat on the stools by the countertop. "What was that?" "What?" Jungkook laughed,"Im not blind Y/N...I already told you it's not a good idea. If anything he'll hurt you before you can hurt him..." You scoffed,"Then let me...let me be happy for even just a moment.." Jungkook then shoved some pancakes in your mouth,"Shut up and stop being so emo. Just eat you have class soon." You licked the syrups off your lips and grabbed your favorite plate,the sky blue square plate with silver trimmings, and placed a pancake on it,"Bacon?" You shook your head,"No thanks I'm not a bacon fan." Jungkook gasped,"But bacon is food for angels." You chuckled,"I'm not an angel sweety just a wolf in sheep's clothing." Jungkook laughed,"I doubt that you're as harmless as they come." After your morning classes you went straight to Kiri cafe. Sometimes you wonder to yourself what would have happened differently if you had just turned the other direction. If you had decided to not meet Jin that day. But in the end you never regretted it not even once. When you walked into the cafe the strong smell of coffee hit you. You immediately head towards Jin. When you had gotten there he was sitting alone looking out the store window. You once again began admiring his beauty. The sharp jawline that was now even more defined by the way the perfect way his face was highlighted. It wasn't even sunny outside, raining actually, but Jin made it seem like the sun was shining. You shook your head and walked towards him. "Jin..." He looked up smiling his eyes looking somewhat relieved,"I thought I was waiting for nobody...I'm happy you came." "Jin what did you want to talk about?" You asked as you took the seat right across from him. He looked down at his coffee and then brought them back to you startling you a bit making your heart flutter as you made eye contact. You immediately looked away without any reason to why,"Y/N look at me." You followed his orders and he grabbed your hands,"I like you...alot actually but I want to know how you feel about me." You looked at Jin who seemed to have pleading eyes. You opened your mouth ready to spill the truth about your feelings but hesitated when Jungkook's words last night had played in your head making you close them before saying anything. Jungkook was right Jin would be even more hurt if he was with you. Especially if he likes you...alot. You clenched your fists in frustration forgetting that Jin still had them in his hands,"Y/N are you okay?" You looked up and took a deep breath and decided to do what was right,"I don't know how I feel about you yet. Jin one second you tell me you were playing and now you're telling you did mean it? I just I--" "Jin?" The minute you heard Suzy's voice you pulled your hand back,"Y/N? What are you two talking about." You stood up from your seat not taking your eyes off of Jin for a second,"Nothing...he was trying to convince me about being your photographer...but I'm dead set on my decision." Jin bit his lip looking hurt as he stood up from his seat not breaking eye contact with you. He then took Suzy's hand and pulls her in for a kiss,"I just wanted you to be happy for our anniversary." You felt a sting in your chest but you knew. You knew damn well that this disease has already killed all your hopes of happiness. You looked at the couple and bowed and quietly left. Tears streamed down your face but you didn't look back. You stood by your words and left wiping the tears that kept coming.
can i please be tagged ... love this story !! but jin is such an adorable jerk!! bad jerk bad!! 😢😢
of course!!!
He's a jerk.....have some fun with Kookie instead