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Heyo~ Its been a loooong time and i know that, I am so sorry but there have been a couple things going on in my life and I havent found time to write but I have finished home and everyone is watching the Superbowl as I type. Aaaanyways.. This new update got me sooooo confused at first XD Im probably going to shorten the pictures then since you dont switch from one to another anymore..so ill see how it goes~ Incase you are just starting,: Chapter 1 If you missed the last chapter: Chapter 3 Now onto the Story!

Previously on Unexpected Happiness:

Before Melody knew it it was dark out. She sighed heavily as she put down her pen. She moved to her bed and played down setting her alarm. When she suddenly got a text. Unknown: Hey its me Taehyung. I hope I get to see you more often now cause you really brought the fun side out of everyone. Btw Im stopping bye tomorrow morning and you can't do anything about it! Melody smiled at the text and closed her eyes. She wanted to have those arms wrap around her. The arms that comforted her the night before and held her close. The arms that belonged to the guy she couldn't stop thinking about. Taehyung was slowly creeping into her heart no matter how much she wanted to deny it it was happening right under her nose. and one thing ran through her mind. Why was Tae coming over?

Chapter 4

The next morning Melody woke up with a start. She wiped the drool from her chin lazily and stood up, her bun messily flopping in front of her face. Melody held waterbottles close to her chest. It was ironic really, since she walked around with water bottles to keep her warm and always draped blankets around herself.. yet she always wore shorts around the house. She rubbed her eye tired as she poured out the water into a pan, boiling up the warm water for some tea. *ding Dong* Melody's gaze went to the door. She tilted her head to the side and lazily waddled towards the door as she fixed her bun. Without thinking she opened the door, blanket in hand and a waterbottle between her arm and her body. Once she opened the door she was welcomed by Taehyung's blurry figure but his kind smile showing through. "Hey Melody" he chimed kindly. Slowly Melody's eyes widen and a small blush spreads across her cheeks to the tips of her ears. Her voice was caught in her throat, not knowing really what to say. "You look pretty today" he says kindly with a small eye smile and his rectangle smile.
"C-come in" Melody managed as she stepped aside. It was just then that she noticed the brown back he held in his hands. "Thank you" he said as he walked in, looking around at the small apartment. He smiled to himself and let out a sigh. "It's nice in here" Taehyung says before putting the bag down. "Thank you.." Melody said awkardly before continuing with her head tilted to the side. " Whatcha got there?" She asked adjusting her blanket around herself. Taehyung nodded with an 'ah'. "It's just some food since I wasn't sure if you had eaten or not.. Jin always says that if you do not eat you can get very sick." He continued as he started to take out what was inside it. A bagel, cream cheese, two small orange juice cartons, three tangerines, and a clear container with grapes. Melody looked at the simple set up, trying to fight the smile that threatened to spread across her face. "Thank you Taehyung" Melody said shyly as she scratched the back of her neck. She squinted her eyes slightly and tried to focus her vision on the table. "You alright? Do you not like this?" He asks his voice with concern and his head tilting with his eyes slightly widening and his smile falling slightly. "Oh no! this is very nice just- Wait here" she says and turns with her blanket dragging on the floor, with it hanging off her shoulders. Taehyung chuckled lightly as he watched her waddle to her desk not too far away. He moved a bit so he could see what she was doing from a far. Melody patted the wooden surface and moved papers aside as she looked for something. Finally she felt her glasses and gripped them in her hands as she opened them up. Melody let out a sigh as she puts them on with a sigh. She looked down and walked over a bit shy since she usually never put her glasses on infront of others. Taehyung looked and tilted his head to the side "Why are you looking down?" He asked with a smile. Once she was close enough she shook her head "No reason" she said and moved around him to the table "Do you like your bagels toasted or just warm?" She asked, looking down at the table. Taehyung tilted his head and answered slowl "Toasted" Melody walked over and put it into the toaster while she put her's in the microwave. She turned around only to be met by Taehyung's chest as she bumped into it. Taehyung put his finger under her chin so she looked up at him and smiled gently "You look pretty" he said and used his other hand to push her glasses up so they wouldnt fall off her face. Melody blushed, even the tips of her ears going bright red. They stayed like that for a second before Melody was snapped out of her trance and looked over at the toaster as it beeped. She peeked over at Taehyung and looked down with a gulp. Taehyung seemed to be still in it before dropping his hand and scratching the back of his neck. "Sorry" he apologized with a chuckle to lighten up the mood. Melody nodded and moved over to the toaster as she took his bagel out and put it onto a plate, mumbling hot multiple times. Taehyung coincidentally had done the same for her,both of them chuckling as they look back at each other. The two walked back to the table after exchanging the plates and sat down. "What brings you here this early?" Melody asks as she spreads the cream cheese over the bagel. "Well usually the guys are out now. The hyung line at work and sometimes with Jimin practicing at the studio- oh by the way he dances or whatever, and Jungkook is going to college online." he said. "I just wanted a breakfast partner" he added. Melody nodded as she took a bite, "Ah i see.. mm these are really good!" she said and nodded to herself with a happy smile. Taehyung reached over and wiped cream cheese from her lip casually before looking down and eating the cream cheese from his thumb. Melody looked at him with wide eyes, a bit taken back from the action but tried to play it off. Emphasis on try. Taehyung looked up with his thumb still in his mouth, giving her a casual smile before saying, "Sorry.. I do it with the guys a lot so im very used to doing that" He explained and chuckled softly at her reaction. The two talked for a long time, not noticing the time pass by. At first Melody was awkward despite having hung out the night before and sleeping in the same bed as him. As they talked more she got used to his playfullness and how touchy he was. She got to know more about him. Things like how he grew up on a farm in Daegu with his grandmother for 14 years, how his favorite color is green, he loves amusement parks, and so mauch more. Taehyung didnt hear much from Melody though. She didn't like to talk about herself. Her childhood wasn't horrible though! She had a loving family, a dog back in the states, some friends.. but there was a part that still haunted her; a part she never wanted reminisce over. Though with him there, her simple apartment of simple colors and simple furniture seemed to lighten up. The blue atmosphere now a bright yellow and warm without her blanket. Like a summer day instead of the cold winter she always felt. It was new.. new and happy. Their laughter started to die as they both caught a breath. Melody held her stomach while Taehyung ruffled his own hair. "Aigoo..." she managed as she caught her breath and looked down at the empty tupperware and dirty plates with only the small traces of cream cheese and crumbs of bagel on it. Taehyung was about to start another story when his phone rang. He excused himself and stood up to walk to the kitchen which was only a couple feet away. "Hello?" he started. The mumble of a voice on the other line. Taehyung sighed and leaned up against the counter before he started to respond. "At a friend's house... Melody.... we are just having breakfast....what? why?..... but-...." that was when he stopped, glanced up at Melody who was licking the cream off her thumb. "okay I'll be there in a second." With that he hung up and let out another sigh and patted Melody's head "Something came up, sorry I can't stay longer" he said as he started to close the containers and put them bac in the bag. Melody nodded and started to help him "Oh okay" she said and continued. "it was really nice to hang out with you today" Taehyung said as he stood by the door with the bag in hand. "yeahh.. it was" Melody says with a smile. "See you next time" Taehyung says and pets her hair with a grin and turned, leaving the door with one last wave. Melody turned around and saw one last thing on the counter. What seemed to be an expensive watch, clearly not hers. It was shiny and had a small imprint of a smile in the corner as well as three other spots with stones of the same color."But wait!" she called out, turning around only to see Taehyung already gone, leaving her once again lonely in her sad small apartment. Her once again, blue, sad and small, lonely and boring and cold apartment.
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Oh I can't wait to see Why is Tae coming over.