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Hello Royal Family! Its Melissa with a new week in our month long theme. This week, we are imagining what kind of date night we would have with Sunwoo. That's right! This week is Sunwoo's turn. What kind of date night can you imagine with Sunwoo?
As for me, Here is what my date with Sunwoo would be like. A late in the day boat rowing date.
Sunwoo talks into a rowing date. He wants to spend the afternoon and evening with you by the river. He promised to get everything ready and do all the work. You just have to enjoy yourself. Sunwoo arrives to pick you up. He drives to a spot by the river. He had everything set up in a romantic atompshere. You were so moved by his dedication to details.

You started your date with a boating rowing. It was so romantic. You were enjoying the peace and quiet with Sunwoo. You were so happy that you lean over to give Sunwoo a soft loving kiss.
After awhile drafting down the river, Sunwoo had a surprise meal for you. You were wondering what he had stored behind him while rowing the boat. After anchoring the boat, he took out and spread out a delicious meal.
After a long rowing boat ride, you both come back to the spot Sunwoo set up. As the evening rolls in, you both relax in a canopy tent. You enjoy the time together. It was so relaxing to be listening to music and just talking to each other. After awhile, it was time to drive back home. Once you reach hime, you thank Sunwoo for a wonderful date. He promised that you both will find the time to do it again. With a smile, you reach up to him and grab his neck. You pull him down for a long good night kiss.

Well thats what I imagine my date with Sunwoo would be like. What about you? What do you imagine a date with Sunwoo would be like?
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Mini boat picnic! That's so cute!!