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Hello Bebes, so I was still having problems with Posting cards and what not, that only about 25% actually worked.

This past week we have been sharing our favorite 3 performances. This includes all comebacks, concerts, etc. Since my app is some -what working, I'm going to upload mine ♡

So Let's Get started:

❥ Solar ❥

I can't see anything without you girl. I keep thinking about you all the time. . .
* Sangmin boobear, I'm here & my ring finger is open too, just saying. . .

Now I'm stuck here in the darkness, looking for my Sunshine, my Solar. . .
* Ghostie, I didn't know your feelers. What will the others say?

Solar is one of my favorites, I was thrilled that they sang it at the Concert. ♡

⛅ Sky High ⛅

✧ Appreciate the Cross Gene Birdies. This whole song and dance is what I live for. Not only are they super Duper adorable, but they are too adorable. I wish I could have been at that concert.

❥ ShiTai ❥

So this was their Japanese Comeback in October of 2015, fun fact about this comeback: I searched high and low for any trace of this song after they released the teaser. BUT they made the MV not available for the country. I was not happy and decided that I would not stop until I found any link to it.

It took me 8 straight hours of going through every Japanese website I could, to find this song. I FOUND IT THOUGH. I also saved the link forever in my word document to return at anytime. The MV was fun, Catchy, and I fell in love.

✧ This song is the most slept on I believe in terms of their performances. So much cuteness is going on in one video.

~ My death will be here in T-2 days ~

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