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Summary: Business is business. Except when he enters in your office, then. . . things get complicated.
Rating: Mature, 18+
Disclaimer: Video by JJUNGKOKO and used as the inspiration.

Only Mine

I closed my laptop and finished placing all my papers in my case. A sigh escaped my lips and I just rolled my eyes, at least, after tomorrow, I could take a month vacation.

A knock sounded on the door to my office door and I groaned. "I'm leaving now and not taking any more cases," I called out.

"Darling," a hypnotic voice replied and opened up the door, "I'm not here for a case. . ." his brown eyes gleamed with mischief and I sat back down into my chair.

"Jungkook. . ." I trailed off. ". . .w-what brings you by so late?"
He chuckled, "Why so nervous, baby doll?" He walked over, his leather jacket fit him perfectly and his black, skinny jeans looked amazing. I knew him because he was a common client, well, him and his brothers. . . who were in a gang. They enjoyed harassing me at times, but usually they made it easy to win their cases and I made them untouchable.

"Please tell me you're not gonna make me stop taking my vacation," I growled.

He snickered,"No, no, of course not. . .instead you're taking me." He was at my desk now, across from me, leaning in. He smelled like cinnamon.

I gawked at him. "Wait. . . " I stood up, "Why would I do that?" He walked over to me m with a grin.

"Because I'm tired of you being professional with me," he answered. "We both know you wanted me way before any of this went down."

"That was before I knew what you were involved in!" I exclaimed. "Do you really think my morals-"

"Oh please, your morals are already screwed," he pushed me down into the chair. "You know. . . if you had any real morals you would've tried a lot harder to drop us, me especially, as your clients." He paused and caressed my face. "You know very well how you're addicted to the lies and corruption. You don't see the point in upholding the law anymore."

My back was pressed against the chair and my breathing had quickened a bit. He was right and I was still refusing to fall even further. Men like him weren't loyal. Men like him left you for dead once they were done with you. Men like him. . . they used you and threw you in with the trash.

"Baby. . . you knew me when I was younger . . ." he sighed. "You know that I'm no worse than anyone else. . . Just agree to be my woman."

I froze and his face was centimeters away,"Let me love you."

"You only love one way," I growled, finally weakening this spell he had on me.

"So do you. . ." he smirked, and instead of waiting for him to kiss me, I looked up at him, purely defiant, and walked out of my office. What we had wasn't love. It was lust in it's purest form and I was trying to get out of it. . . or was I?

I wanted him to chase me. I wanted him to prove to me that he was willing to go the extra mile. I wanted him to prove to me that he wanted more than this lustful wanting we had. That he wanted love.

And just like I wanted, he did. He had chased me to my car in this dark parking lot. The ground was damp and the smell of rain filled my nostrils. "I'm trying to show you that I want to try. . ." he spoke softly. And his grip tightened on my wrists.

Finally, he kissed me. Lips urgent and forceful, but soft. His tongue slipped into my mouth and danced with mine. He let my wrists go and my arms went around his neck. Our lips broke a part but we held tight in our embrace, trying to calm those urges to tear the clothes off each other. Too bad that didn't last.

We ended up in the backseat of my car. Doors locked. Clothes gone. Steam on the windows. The heat and fire and want filled me and every touch. . . every kiss. . . every bite. . . it ignited me. The groans that escaped and how much it made us want more. . . we never wanted to stop.

And we weren't until a cop knocked on the window. Of course Jungkook flashed his badge, to which the officer blushed and left. "Let's finish this at my place," he growled in my ear. There was no rest for the rest of the night . . . and I started my vacation early the next day. No complaints there. And Jungkook. . . well he was my man. I was his woman. And we went all night and all day.
Well I hoped that was enjoyable!!! Give suggestions for any other one shots you all want done! Thank you for reading!!
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Oooh I liked that...very intense I know tags aren't working well but I want to be tagged in everything you write please
I shall try my best!