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Today is the day that you HAVE to listen to 볼빨간사춘기.

You've probably heard of them before without even knowing it, but now I absolutely can't stop listening to them:

1. You (=i)

2. 심술

3. 싸운날

Here's a few of their MVs:

Has anyone listened to them before!?

I've heard about this group before and I've been planning to check them out, so thank you for these song choices!!!!
YESS I have been listening to them none stop. Their voices are so soothing ❤❤
never heard of them but I'll definitely check them out!! I just listened to the first mv you have on this card and it was cute. she has a nice voice
Thanks sooooo much for sharing this!!! You just opened up a whole new list of music for me to listen to!
Oh my god that's so weird!!!!!! In my Korean club at my college we're learning the first song 좋다고 말해/tell me you like me (I think that's the English title) and will sing it for some presentation thing! What a coincidence :D it's such a good song!!!
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