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Sweaty Hands

Sweaty hands? Geezus are my hands actually sweaty or am I imagining it? Tonight was going great, sweaty hands could really set everything back. Sweaty hands could ruin this date.
It was only the second date. WHY AM I SO NERVOUS? Being so nervous on a second date had to be unheard of, like my date shouldn't even care. My date is definitely going to care if my hands are literal faucets!

Maybe it won't ruin tonight, maybe my date will just laught if off. I mean sweaty hands aren't the end of the world. Everyone gets nervous and I really liked our first date. This one has to be just as good, it's probably better than the first.

Second dates are definitely better than firsts. It meant my date liked me enough to call again, to accept a second invite out. Maybe if my sweaty hands aren't a problem then a third date could be scored.
Then suddenly we were kissing.

Oh yeah, definitely got a third date.


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I love it! Very cute, happy and real!!
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