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'Race the Stig's In-Game Counterpart in Forza 5'

From John Funk on Polygon: "A new Forza Motorsport 5 trailer challenges racers to take on the virtual cousin of Top Gear's faceless driver, the Stig. In the trailer, a figure in the Stig's trademark white jumpsuit and helmet materializes in the driver's seat of a race car decked out in Xbox One logos. The figure takes the car out for a spin on the track, hitting the exact same course time with every lap. When the humans come in to check the car later, however, the figure is nowhere to be seen. The Stig is a character on British car enthusiast TV series Top Gear, where he is responsible for setting course times with robotic precision. In the description for the trailer posted on the Top Gear YouTube channel, the Top Gear staff claims that the only difference between this Stig and the Forza version is that the digital incarnation is "allegedly beatable. But only if you're really good." The Top Gear test track will be a race course in Forza 5, and the game's career mode will feature commentary from the TV series' stars." Forza 5 will be an Xbox One launch title on Nov. 22.
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@JohnLee Wow, though I guess I'm not too surprised. Most people are PC players, right? That, I'm definitely not surprised about (the cable). It freaking sucks over here.
and the biggest feature of the XOne is supposed to be the TV functionality but Korean cable is all IP already and much better than how US cable is setup...
@yinofyang honestly it wouldnt surprise me if they didnt bring it at all... i dont know a single person who has a 360 here.
@JohnLee I do wonder about that. I have heard that in the second wave of launches, Korea is on that list. I'm not positive, though.
ugh too bad the xbox one supposedly doesn't work in Korea...
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