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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes... Y/N's POV Ju Kyung had to give you a break once you told him you hit your cycle. It was a relief to get a break from all the sex. He still had you go to the club to practice for the show. You would come to his place to just kind of hang around him afterwards. You had grown into the habit of playing with the stupid ball he gave you but god it felt good when he started to pet you and call you cute. Of course, once Monday hit Ju Kyung made sure to come meet up with you for lunch. He saw Minjun extend his hand to say goodbye and you both heard from the doorway his deep dangerous voice saying, "You better not." You couldn't hide the laugh from his threat. He was very serious about Minjun not touching you and of course he'd show up to make sure he didn't do anything. "You're too protective you know that?" You told him one day. "If you knew how to protect yourself I wouldn't have to be." He said. "I resent that, I can take care of myself. I just don't care anymore. I'm too used to it." You told him. He grabbed you by your arm and stopped you from walking. "Stop being used to it. Do you have no fight left in you?" He said upset. You snatched your arm away from him and said, "What is there to fight Ju Kyung? Men do whatever they want to me. I've taken beatings, slaps to the face and I lost a baby. There is nothing left for me to fight." You actually backed away from him, you were surprised behind the anger that just popped out of you. It was more than likely suppressed rage that came out. Ju Kyung could definitely trigger you. He grabbed you and pulled you between two buildings and kissed you. He kissed you hard, like he was trying to drink your soul. You held onto his arms while he kissed you. He bit at your lips and pressed his body to yours. "You have more reason to fight than to give up. Y/n-" He hesitated, he was looking for words but he couldn't quite find them. He brushed your hair down with his hands on either side of your head and then kissed your forehead. He sighed, "You piss me off sometimes." He said. "You're one to talk." You said grabbing onto his shirt.
"It's a natural thing for a Master to want to protect his pet. You don't need to be touched by anyone else but me." "And the girls?" You retorted. "Sometimes it's fun to watch you with them but I prefer being on top of you." "Because I'm yours but you know that's only until the contract is up or I call it quits." You said. "Do you want to end it?" He asked. You sighed, "It's been close to a month now. There was a rocky start but I don't know. I could probably take it. When does punishment stop though? I haven't been that disobedient and you're only punishing me because of my past boyfriends. As long as I'm yours I get hit?" You asked. He sighed, "If you can make it to the end of the four months I promise no more punishments unless you're disobedient." He said. You smiled slightly, "Why do you make so many exceptions for me? I heard from Queen you traded a pet for two days without asking her." You said. "It was in our contact, she actually liked it I didn't really care much. Queen should keep her mouth shut." He grumbled. "Catlynn said you take care of me better than the others. She also said you're stingy with me. She said you've gotten so stricter on who can touch me and you keep me from the others. I've only been around a few pets but mostly Masters and Catlynn. You've changed the contract multiple times for me. Why?" You asked. He cupped your cheek and his thumb rubbed along your cheek bone. He looked into your eyes and sighed. "You have to be comfortable with what I do to you." He said. That was the only excuse he gave you before he grabbed your hand and pulled you back onto the open side walk. He took you to get ice cream. You two went shopping in the mall and he bought you some clothes. You told him not to but he did anyway. He dressed you up and had you try on clothes and you faked like you were walking down the runway. When you tripped, he busted out laughing along with you. You could only realize during down time that you both switched personalities so easily. The Ju Kyung you knew could switch to business/ Master mode so quickly. You would go from Velvet to Y/n when you were given your phrase. Despite the possession he held over you, you could act like you always had around him. When he'd run his hands through your hair to pet you, it felt so good. Admittedly you liked being pet on the head and you liked being called a good girl. You actually weren't having that big of a problem with being a pet. His pet. Anyone else you'd probably end up getting upset with and get punished more. As a bunny, you were supposed to be stubborn and for the most part you were but you were good for the ones you liked and were comfortable with. Hyunsu was not among them... Thursday had come and you had spent a few days practicing for the show with Catlynn. By now your cycle had come to it's end and you were suffering from some after effect of your period. This resulted in some disciplining from both Catlynn and Ju Kyung. Catlynn said there was something strange going on with him though. He was just changing a lot from the person he normally was she noticed. You were still getting used to his Master side so you didn't really notice what she meant. Tonight was the night of the dinner though and Hyunsu was waiting to sink his teeth into you. Ju Kyung continued to remind you to behave but honestly he didn't have to. The last thing you wanted was him punishing you. His pups however, you wouldn't mind playing with. Ju Kyung had the woman that made your suit make you a red one. It was bright red and made of Velvet. Your ears were red as well and he had you ware red contacts. Your shoes were red and there was something like a skirt attached to it so you could cover your legs when you sat down. It was removable. He refused to let you do your make up this time and had someone else do it. To your dismay it was a full face: foundation, blush, eyeliner and lipstick. You nearly broke the girl's hand when she tried to put lashes on you. He was satisfied with what she did. It was nice but you hated having so much make up on. Simple and sweet was your style. You liked the contacts through. You two were in the elevator going up the fourth floor. As you stood beside him his hand brushed the back of your head. "Why red?" You asked. "I want you to stand out. Which reminds me, for today you'll wear this as a collar." He showed you a short necklace, almost a choker and it had a red rose made of rubies and small diamonds surrounding it. "Ju Kyung that's way too much!" You said with wide eyes. "Shush, you'll be silent for the dinner my sweet bunny." He kissed your forehead, "Most masters prefer their pets not to talk. It'll be best if you don't either. You still remember the rules right?" You nodded. "Good girl." His fingertips ran through your hair and rubbed your head. You leaned back into his hand enjoying the feeling. Your heart was acting up, skipping a beat then picking up the pace. He smiled seeing you enjoy it, "I'll have to do this to you more. You look too cute when I do it." He chuckled. His chuckle was so sweet and genuine. You looked at him wondering what he was doing to you. You just felt different. You felt a need to just be around him and have his attention. You were never like this. You never felt the urge to have him look at you and kiss you. You never had the urge for him to touch you but now you just craved it. You hadn't become so needy that you were going out of your way to get him to touch you but you were staring up at him waiting for his lips to meet yours. You didn't ask for it, you didn't even make it seem like you wanted it but you expected it. Your lips expected it, your body wanted it. He was still petting your head but he looked down when you finally gave up waiting for the kiss. You saw his reflection in the door when he looked down at you and you looked up at him. He smiled and dipped his head down to kiss you. His lips felt softer than normal. His hand was cupping your face but how he touched you gave you goose bumps. What is he doing to you? The elevator doors opened and he walked out with you walking beside him instead of behind him. He already said he wanted you beside him at all times. Other pets were walking around on all fours, some stood up like you did also. That still wasn't normal for you, you hated seeing it. You looked around seeing so many faces, some you recognized from being here so much others you didn't really know. There was two halves to the dinner hall and a long grand table was on the other half of it. The tables were being set and some members were finding a spot already just to talk to people they knew well. You started heading off in the direction of the dinning table because it looked beautiful. The lights warm lights above and the slight dark tone of the walls made it seem rich. You smiled a little at the atmosphere of the room. It seemed formal something you knew too well. You weren't in an element to be yourself though, yet every part of you wanted to be as you looked around at the room. You walked off to a window and looked at how high you were. The view from up there was amazing and the lights from the city looked brilliant from the distance. "You should be with an owner." A voice came from beside you. You jumped back a little being started by the presence of another human. There was a man looking back at you he had a beard and mustache combo. He was handsome but clearly older, perhaps in his late forties. He gave you a soft smile and leaned down a little. You backed up a little and he chuckled, "Bunnies do startle easily don't they. You must have a very good Master. That's no cheap collar you've got on." He said. He reached out to touch around your neckline but you backed up again. You looked up to see if you could find Ju Kyung. You lost him because you walked off. There were so many bodies in the room. "Listen here little bunny. Who is your Master, you better return to them." He said. You stood there but continued to look around, you couldn't find him. You'd have to move from your spot to find him but there were so many people if you kept moving around he wouldn't find you either. The man sighed and snatched your jaw. There was no hiding the irritation on your face. He was gripping your jawline tight too. Honestly, his grip wasn't as bad as the time Ju Kyung had grabbed you. "Who is your master girl?" He said. You pushed on his chest gently to get him to let you go. You couldn't really do too much, or at least not what you wanted to do in risk that it may be considered you acting up and Hyunsu would get what he wanted. "If you don't get your fucking hand off of her you'll lose it." You both looked over to see Ju Kyung pissed. He looked at you for a moment then back at the man. "Don't you have any control over your pet Ju Kyung? She's wandering around here without supervision. I was only trying to find out who she belonged to, I should've guessed-" "If I have to tell you to take your hand off of her again I'm bashing you face into the wall. Get. The Fuck. Off." He slightly raised his voice. Whoa, his eyes were super dark and way too scary, way too dangerous. The man sighed and let go of your chin. He held his hand out to you and you quickly grabbed him and came into his arms. "Other Masters can not touch another pet without the permission of their owner. That's a rule that's been set since the club began it's nothing new to you Yong-in. Don't touch her again, there's no second chance." He glared at him. He pulled you away from Yong-in and you were honestly too scared to look up at him. He walked you over to the other side of the room and pointed, "That's were the bathroom is you can use it if you need to go. The other pets are over there," He pointed at a section, you could see the pups sitting over there and Queen's pet. "Owners let the pets hang out with each other until dinner. Velvet listen to me," He grabbed your face and had you look at him, "Those are the only two places you are to go without me. I know you're curious but never walk away from me. Not here." He said. You nodded. He kissed you, his lips were a little harder but he wasn't too rough with you. He wiped his lip to get your lipstick off of him. He hummed and then smiled a little. He pressed his forehead to yours and said, "On second thought, I want to keep you by my side. You taste good." You smiled big at him and you felt his hands reach for your butt. He kissed you again and your hands came to his chest. You pulled in a little closer to him while his hands played with your ass under the skirt of your suit. "You sexy little bunny." He whispered, turned on, against your lips. You stood up on your tip toes and kissed him lightly. He hummed and said, "Bunny kiss." You placed your hands on his shoulders and pushed up on your toes. You rubbed the tip of your nose against his. He laughed and gripped your ass and pulled you in closer to him while saying, "You're so damn cute." He kissed you again. "Dinner will be starting soon." One of the waiters announced and the Masters began to sit down. Ju Kyung led you to the table and there was a silk pillow on the floor by his chair. He had you sit down next to him. The other pets sat by their masters and you leaned over on your arm to be closer to Ju Kyung. He began to pet the back of your head. Waiters started setting out food for the Masters; you noticed some pets had food bowls placed on the ground for them. Most of them had it. While others ate the treats with their hands, some decided to eat like an actual pet. You looked up at Ju Kyung, he had you eat lunch early and nothing else after that. You were hungry and, not that you were looking forward to eating out of a bowl, you wondered if you were going to allowed to eat at all. You seemed to be one of the few pets that didn't have a bowl to eat from. Ju Kyung had picked up a few things with his fork and turned to you. "Open." He said lightly. You sat up a little to eat what he had given you. Salad with ginger dressing, not bad either. You happened to see another pet under the table and you bent down a little more to see. You crawled under slightly to see her servicing her master in a much different way. You went back to your pillow with the image in your mind and the urge to laugh. You peeked up to see the face of the man being sucked off by his kitten. He was expressionless as he ate. Ju Kyung's hand came back to your head and you looked at him. You were raised up on your knees and looking over the table. Your hands were on the table but your eyes had been on the other Masters face then you started looking around at other Masters faces. There were very few females but Queen and Catlynn were around. Catlynn had no present pet with her at the moment. There was small chatter among the Masters but it seemed like informal talk. They were supposed to be discussing things about the club, if you remembered correctly. You looked back at Ju Kyung and he gave you a soft smile. His smile brought you over to him and you raised up higher on your knees to get to his face. He gave you a marshmallow which made you smile. You hardly heard him talk, he was more focused on you it seemed. His hand continued petting your head as you ate the marshmallow with a smile. "Ju Kyung you have a new little pet I noticed." A master finally spoke to him. Ju Kyung continued to pet you as he looked up at the Master that had spoken. "Yes I do." "What's her name? I saw her earlier she's a cute little bunny." The man said. "She is indeed. Her name is Velvet." "Did you see the collar he put on her?" Queen started. She whistled and said, "He's pampering the little bunny." "I enjoy her more than the others." Ju Kyung said. Queen laughed, "She likes that." She said. She caught the smile that came to your face when he said that. You looked up at her and she waved flirtatiously at you. "Hi sweet little bunny." She cooed. You waved back with the smile still on. "I'm curious as to why you took on a bunny this time Ju Kyung. You seem to be keeping her hidden, not many of us have seen her here with you." The man across from him said. "I'm very protective of her and I'd much prefer it if no other man touches her without my permission. In the past, I've allowed other Masters to do as they please with my pets. She will not be like them." Ju Kyung explained. "No kidding. He nearly ripped my throat out just for talking to her." Yong-in said. "You had your hands on her without my permission. You know damn well it was more than just talking to her Yong-in and when I asked you to remove your hands you didn't do it immediately." Ju Kyung bit at him. The Master in front of Ju Kyung said, "Yong-in you know better than to do that. Not just to Ju Kyung's pets but to anyone's here." "Yeah yeah yeah, rules rules rules. The little bunny was wandering around on her own and she wouldn't speak when I was talking to her." Yong-in said. "That's not a sign of disobedience Yong-in, even you are smart enough to realize she was give a silence command. I don't want her speaking here. It was still no reason for you to touch her." Ju Kyung said. He had been feeding you as he spoke. He was leaning down to give you another bite of his food. You got a bit on the side of your mouth and he wiped it away with his thumb and licked it off. "Don't take it personally Yong-in no Master is allowed to touch her without his permission but more specifically no Male Master can touch her without his go ahead." Hyunsu said with a smirk. His eyes fell to you and you looked away. He laughed and Ju Kyung chuckled a bit too. "She still doesn't like you." He said. "I don't know why, I haven't done anything to the little bunny yet." "The fact is you want to and she knows it." Ju Kyung said. "Oh is that the reason. I assumed it was because she's in love with girls." He chuckled. "Has she been with women?" The master before him said. "Yeah, she's slept with Queen and Catlynn already but he still won't share with me." Hyunsu said. "She's good." Queen confirmed with a grin. "She really is, she's got a cute little ass too." Catlynn agreed. "Maybe that's why Ju Kyung got her, he does love ass." Queen chuckled. Ju Kyung shook his head. "Does she play with other pets Ju Kyung?" The master before him asked. "No, not frequently. She's only interacted with Hyunsu's pups." He said. "Females as well. Starting to get the full picture Eun?" Hyunsu said. Eun chuckled, "Yes I am. Ju Kyung I have a tiger perhaps you can show me how she's played with pets." He said suggestively. Ju Kyung sighed and looked down at you. You were paying attention the conversation completely and looked up at Ju Kyung when he didn't respond right away. He looked you over and kissed your forehead. "Only a kiss, we're at dinner and I don't want it becoming too wild." He said. Eun nodded, "I agree. Yuri, go over to Velvet will you." He said. You looked under the table to see a woman with tiger ears on her head and a tiger tail following behind her. Hers was clearly a butt plug based off of her suit which was more like a slutty bathing suit. Her body looked like it had been spray painted to look like a tiger. Tigers were apparently rougher than kittens because she pounced on you the moment she came up from under the table. It took you by surprise. Her hands went to your shoulders and she kissed you hard when you laid on the floor. She made sure she was completely over top of you so it was obvious she was the dominant one. Her kiss wasn't bad but she wasn't doing anything for you. Your hands went to her sides to pull her up off of you and she leaned back. She had orange contacts in and you sat back up on your knees. "I guess she doesn't like her that much." Ju Kyung said. Eun nodded, "It takes time to get used to Yuri. She's rough, most pets don't enjoy her the first time. I was interested in seeing if she was the same considering she's been with Catlynn and Queen already." "What's that supposed to mean? I make her feel good, don't I Velvet?" Catlynn said. You slightly chuckled but nodded. Ju Kyung leaned down to whisper in your ear and told you to go give Eun a little kiss. The cute kiss of course. You crawled under the table to get to Eun and when you reached his leg you rubbed it to get him to move back. He scooted back and chuckled. You raised up between his legs and he bent down so you could grab his shoulders. You rubbed your nose against his and he laughed. "What a cute little bunny you are." He said. He cupped your face and smiled, his eyes smiled making you smile back. He began to pet your head and Ju Kyung said, "Alright Velvet comeback." You went back under the table and Eun scooted back in. You came up to Ju Kyung and sat back on your pillow. He bent down and kissed you softly but whispered against your lips, "You're behaving very well baby." He said. He gave you another marshmallow and you sat back happy. Happy he praised you, happy he called you baby. Happy that his hand was back on your head petting you. Why it all made you happy, you didn't understand it. Up until now, the only person that ever showed you any love was probably your mother and she had very little fighting spirit but she loved you enough. She loved you with whatever was left in her. Jay and Chase and even Hyun Jung liked you. You all were friends but you didn't really think there was love there. You didn't really understand love. You weren't even sure what was going on with your emotions now but Ju Kyung didn't want any other man to touch you because every man in your past outside of Jay and Chase hurt you. Even if Ju Kyung punished you, he was different. Ju Kyung was messing with your head and your heart but you started thinking about the change he made. He was more angry and more violent towards the men that touched you but his anger wasn't directed at you because he was only allowed to punish you for thirty minutes; he stopped losing himself and scaring you. He was gentle on his own for once, despite the fact that it was because you were scared. Ju Kyung continued to make alterations where it was necessary to keep you comfortable. So you'd stay? He wanted you as his pet, he said he craved you in the beginning and he also needed to punish you. How often had he said he craved you recently? He still punished you, he was still toying with your body, that hadn't changed much but he kept away from your neck. He was protective and possessive of you. You were actually listening to him though. So was the change actually happening in him or was it because you were behaving much better?

The waiters came to take up the dishes and they brought out the main course. All the while you were lost in thought while he fed you. His hand would return to your head every few moments relaxing you. You didn't even know what was making you tense. Catlynn asked you if you loved him. You didn't know what love was? You didn't know how to love, you didn't understand and you weren't sure if you were even feeling it. You trusted him, that much you knew and you liked sleeping with him but that didn't explain anything because you liked sleeping with Catlynn and Queen too. So what was going on? How would you know if you were in love with him? You looked up at the seat next to you. It was empty, whoever was supposed to be there hadn't shown up. Until now. "Excuse me for my tardiness ladies and gentlemen, traffic was hell and my work ran over." That voice. You turned and looked up to see him. He was looking at the table and hadn't seen you yet. Your adrenaline kicked in when you saw the smooth charcoal gray suit, the blue tie and his shoulder length black hair hanging down. His stubble was back and so was his mustache. You felt like screaming. You quickly turned to Ju Kyung who was looking at him. "Taehyun sit down we've been waiting to discuss business because of you." He said. "I will, my apologies. Seems I haven't found a new pet, there's no one worth picking up anymore." He said. You heard the chair pull out behind you. "You have a bunny now?" He asked. Ju Kyung smiled and nodded, "Yes, her name is Velvet." He looked down to you. "Say hello Velvet." You shook your head. He looked at you confused. He brushed your hair back, "Just give him a little bunny kiss. He's a friend." He said. Ju Kyung don't you see it? Was fear not on your face because you were definitely feeling it. Your heart was racing. You heard his chuckle. "Disobedient, isn't she?" He said. "She was fine before. Maybe she doesn't like you either." Hyunsu said. You preferred Hyunsu over that Monster. You felt his hand meet your shoulder and you quickly jumped forward and wrapped your arms around Ju Kyung. Please, please Ju Kyung. you have to feel it. I can't stop shaking. Your thoughts were pleading to him to notice that there was something wrong. God, he considers Taehyun a friend? He had no idea who the Fuck he was. You were too afraid to speak up. You felt like crying but you wouldn't give him the upper hand. He had enough power over you already. He didn't know you were you yet. He hadn't seen your face. Ju Kyung pulled your arms from around him and he cupped your cheek. "Baby what's wrong with you?" He whispered.
Ju Kyung just look at my face. Look at me! He gave you a smile probably hoping that it would settle you but fear was stronger than his smile right now. Behind that fear was so much anger towards Taehyun. So much hate especially for the baby you lost to him. "Speak to me Velvet, what's the matter with you?" He spoke up. You shook your head but pulled him closer to you. Why do I have to say it, you can see it! Damn it Ju Kyung, you can punish me all you want Hyunsu can do whatever he wants to me just get me out of here! "She was well behaved before. You think she's upset you stopped showing her attention?" Eun asked. "No. It's something else." He said. "Let me see." Taehyun said. His chair moved and you looked down, trying to avoid his face. "She won't even look at me?" He asked. "Velvet look at me. Just me." He said calmly. You looked up at him, "You need to behave okay? You get punished if you act out , you know that." "Let me see her face." Taehyun said. He reached over and turned your chin so you could look at him, he let go of you but Ju Kyung still said, "Don't touch her. She's obviously upset right now." "What a beautiful little bunny." He grinned. God you hated that grin. There was so much evil behind his smile. He was evil. Your face showed how much you hated him. You hated him. "Let me pet her." He said to Ju Kyung. "Only her head, she likes being pet on the head." Ju Kyung said. He reached for you but you smacked his hand away. The slight glare he gave you made you regret it but you weren't his anymore. You were Ju Kyung's, he said you were his. "Velvet." Ju Kyung said disappointed. "You need more control over her." Taehyun said. "Don't worry Tae, I get to take care of that don't I Ju Kyung." Hyunsu said. "She's just upset something's wrong with her." "You have to honor the deal Ju Kyung." Hyunsu said. "Fuck, fine okay." He snapped at him. "Does she like men at all? She seemed to like Queen." Eun said. "She usually prefers men." Ju Kyung said. "Wait she's been with Queen?" Taehyun asked. "Yeah and Catlynn too. She likes us." Queen said. "Well isn't she a little slut." He said amused. "Watch it." Ju Kyung quickly defended. Taehyun knew how much you hated that. He knew calling you a slut got to you. So much anger was building inside of you. You felt like turning around and punching him in the face. "You should be careful Tae. Even I get snapped at if I'm mean to his little bunny. He's protective of her." Hyunsu said. "Maybe he's too protective and that's why she's being such a brat." You quickly stood up and walked off. Your heart was racing, you felt everything at once. "Velvet." Ju Kyung called after you. No. No, there was no Velvet. There was Y/n a very, very pissed off Y/n. You ran into the bathroom and threw up. So much had upset you, it just brought you to the point of needing to throw up. You dabbed your face with a wet cloth when you were done. Catlynn came in, "Velvet what's going on? I get you don't like Taehyun, what I don't get is why you're acting like this. Ju Kyung is worried. Speak to me." She said. You shook your head. She looked at you though and lifted your face. "You're afraid of him aren't you?" She asked. You nodded still shaking. "Ju Kyung is confused right now. He knows something's wrong he just doesn't know what. Does he know you know Taehyun?" She said. You shook your head. "Velvet tell him the truth. Hyunsu is ready to punish you and Ju Kyung doesn't want to let him but he honors all his deals. If you tell him it'll stop." "I can't." You whispered. "Have you two met at the club before?" She asked. You shook your head. "Talk to me." She asked. "I can't." You said so broken. You gently pulled her hands away from your face and walked out of the bathroom. Ju Kyung was standing by the door and as soon as you saw him you went into his arms. He held you close and you could hear his heart rushing too. He smoothed down your hair. You looked over his shoulder to see Taehyun staring back at you with the most evil grin on his face and your heart sank even more. Hyunsu came over and said, "Let's go bunny. Punishment doesn't wait." "Give her a second." Ju Kyung said. "What's the point in comforting her before the punishment? You're just prolonging it." He said. "Hyunsu I said give her a fucking second I won't say it again." He snapped at him. You didn't care if Hyunsu punished you, it would take you away from the dinner. It would take you away from Taehyun. "A deal is a deal my sweet bunny. Unless there's something you want to tell me." He said. You shook your head. "Come on." He said lightly. You walked you to the elevator and held your hand. Catlynn came out of the bathroom and followed too. "Why are you coming?" He asked. "Just in case." She said. She looked at you and you looked at her for a second before you wrapped your arms back around Ju Kyung and buried your face in his chest. "I can't protect you if I don't know what you need to be protected from Velvet. You can speak to me." He whispered. Even away from Taehyun you still couldn't say it. You were afraid of Taehyun but there was something else you were afraid of too... Hyunsu took you into his pain room. His was dark purple and much more simple. Catlynn stayed outside the room and Ju Kyung walked you in; Hyunsu started looking at his tools while Ju Kyung took off the skirt half of your suit. "Say something to me." He whispered. You shook your head. He brushed your hair behind you. "Did I make you upset?" He asked. You shook your head. "Ju Kyung step away." Hyunsu said. Ju Kyung put his hands in his pocket and walked to the other side of the room. "You can't use a flogger or a spanker, she likes it." He said. He leaned up against the wall to watch but he didn't look happy about it. Hyunsu brought a cane with him. He hooked your wrists up to hanging cuffs and you had to stand on your tip toes because of how short you were. Hyunsu came to your face, "Ten times you will say this phrase, I will obey my master." He said. You nodded. He smacked your cheek leaving a little sting but it wasn't hard. "Speak up." He said. "Stay off her face." Ju Kyung snapped. "Is there anything else, having you in here will only be a distraction." Ju Kyung sighed. "Don't kiss her, nothing sexual just punish her and be done. I'll be outside." He walked out and Hyunsu walked behind you. "Start." He said. The cane hit your butt softly at first and you said, "I will obey my master." He hit you again a little harder, "Speak up." He said. "I will obey my Master." You said. He smacked your ass a little harder with the cane. You kept repeating the phrase. He pulled your suit down a little to start hitting your breasts just enough to sting you. You shifted in your stance and tried to stay still but you were feeling the sting, trying to repeat the phrase and trying to stay on your tip toes. "I will obey my Master. I will obey my Master. I will obey my Master." You repeated until you had reached ten. "Good, now lift up your leg." He said. You raised your leg. "Repeat the phrase I gave you ten times while balancing on that foot." He said. You were balancing on a damn toe. He smacked the side of your butt with a crop now. The leather hit your skin with a hard sting. You could hear him compliment the shade your butt changed because of his strikes. You continued the phrase but your mind felt numb. You now understood why pets normally behaved when they were with Hyunsu. Ju Kyung lied. He said he wouldn't leave you alone with him. Why did he walk away? Why did he leave you in here? Why couldn't he see Taehyun was who you were afraid? All your anger found a focus, unfortunately that focus was on Ju Kyung. You could see it on his face, he didn't want Hyunsu touching you but he was honoring his deal. You were just upset, you trusted him but he's lied to you before. He wasn't here in this room and you wanted him. You were so upset. Hyunsu had wrapped something around your waist while you mindlessly repeated the phrase that was now stuck in the back of your head like an annoying song. Meanwhile you were building up the anger you had for Taehyun but it was all centering towards Ju Kyung. Then Your feet left the floor. No. No. "No! Put me down! Cotton!" You said in panic. "Velvet." Hyunsu said calmly. "Cotton! Cotton! Ju Kyung!" You screamed. You burst into tears and the door opened. "What the Fuck are you doing put her down." Ju Kyung snapped. "Stop babying her, she's safe." "Hyunsu put her down before I kill you." He growled. You felt yourself coming down. He suspended you and you were crying so hard. "I told you not to suspend her what the Fuck is the matter with you?" He snapped. "No you said no kissing or anything sexual, you even said you changed the contract you never said I couldn't suspend. I didn't raise her that high." "That's not the god damn point. The point is that you fucking suspended her Hyunsu. If your going to punish other people's pets fucking listen to the damn rules!" He screamed at him. He came to you and quickly undid the belt around your waist and got you out of the cuffs. He tried to hug you but you pushed him away. "No! Don't fucking touch me!" You yelled at him crying. "Y/n." He stepped forward. "I said no!" You yelled. "I don't want to do this any more. I'm ending the contract, I don't want this." You cried. He exhaled, "Y/n let me take you home." "No!" You cried. You took off the ears and the necklace and threw them at him. You ran out of the room and found your way to the exit. He followed behind you calling your name. He caught up to you outside and grabbed your arm. "Stop it Y/n. I'm sorry." "No, you lied to me. Let go." "I didn't tell him to do that you know I didn't." "Why did you leave me alone with him! You said you wouldn't!" You said pushing him away. You walked down the sidewalk. "Y/n where are you going?" "I'm going home!" "How, you have no money on you. Let me get the car and take you home." "No." You said. "Why not?" He grabbed you again and pulled you back. "What happened? You were doing so wel-" You pushed him, he wouldn't move. You pushed and pushed and you tried walking off. "Let me go!" You screamed. "You can not walk around at night dressed like this you'll get hurt don't you fucking understand that." "I'm safer out here than at that dinner." You said pissed. "What happened? Why were you so upset?" He said. "Ask the devil." You said. He looked at you confused and then a look of realization came on him. He looked up at the building and you pulled away from him. Catlynn came out and grabbed your hand. "Come on I'll take you home." She said. You nodded. You needed a ride home. You'd send everything back to him tomorrow. Catlynn put you in the car and drove off. You cried harder. "How do you know Taehyun?" She asked. "He's my ex." You were able to get out. She exhaled almost in pain. "So you're the one." She said. You looked at her. "Makes since now why Ju Kyung protects you so much from men. He didn't know about Taehyun though. He used to talk about this girl he was seeing, he always said she was pretty, very pretty but she pissed him off so much. She flirted a lot and she was stubborn. She always had some smart shit to say. He said he liked the sex but he hated her mouth. He said he left her because she was too pathetic, anyone easily smacked around the way she was wasn't fun, just worthless." Catlynn said. You kept crying. "He's hurt other pets by suspending them too. I'm sure he's done it to you when you were dating." She said. "Why do you care?" You said. "I don't like Taehyun. My best friends sister was his pet once and he hit her so hard during punishment that he bruised her and made her bleed. She's too scared to let a man touch her now. I've been trying my best to get him out of the club but they keep him around because his money is good. The problem is that every woman he's been with is too afraid to speak up." Catlynn said. You wiped your eyes. Taehyun was a psycho, he found pleasure in dishing out pain and it was not the good sexual kind that made you want it, it was the kind that made you weak. "Why didn't you just tell Ju Kyung?" "Ju Kyung would kill him." You said. "Yeah I hope so." She retorted kind of pissed just thinking about it all. "Ju Kyung is a CEO and he keeps this part of his life private like everyone else. If I had told him he would've killed him. His company would be gone, his money, his life all because of me. As long as I was his, he'll protect me from men, past and present." "You think just because you ended your contract he's not going to do something to him? Sweet bunny there's more to Ju Kyung then you're letting yourself see. He's not letting you out of his life so easily and the ones that hurt you are going to pay no matter what." She said. "How do you know?" "Ju Kyung has a past." She said. Where did you hear that before? Catlynn made it to your house with your instructions and you started packing all the suits up to give back to him. The shoes, the collar and the ears. Everything had to go. The clothes he bought you were going back as well. His birthday present was among those things.... Ju Kyung's POV Ju Kyung didn't even bother to go upstairs he got his car and drove around for a while. His mind was still on what she said. Ask the devil. It had taken him only a moment to realize that it wasn't Hyunsu she was talking about but Taehyun. She started acting weird as soon as he came in. She was clinging onto him and her eyes were pleading. She looked terrified and he was trying to find out why. He couldn't understand why, he was so stupid to not think Taehyun was the reason she was scared. He didn't think they knew each other, let alone that he was the one that had fucked her up so much. All those damn bruises she laughed off, the scar she had on her back, the baby she lost. It was all his fucking fault. He'd damaged her so much and he wanted her to say hi to him and give him a kiss. He felt like shooting him in the leg just to let him bleed out slow. No Ju Kyung you need to stay calm. It was hard to do that. Especially when he felt like this... He went straight home, he had to give her a chance to calm down. The next morning he sent some of his men to keep an eye out on her though. Now that Taehyun knew she was his pet, he was afraid he might come after her again. If Taehyun got too close to her they were given orders to beat the living hell out of him, they couldn't kill him just beat him down. He was going to destroy Taehyun in a different way. In a way it would actually hurt him. He tried calling her but she wouldn't answer her cell or her office phone he kept getting sent to her voice mail. He tried getting Jay and Chase to talk to her but she was ignoring them too. He stopped by her house late that night to see if he could talk to her but she wasn't home. He went home and saw a box on his front door. He took it inside to look at it and saw that all her bunny stuff was back. She was really leaving him. He picked up the vase on his coffee table and threw it at the wall. Even a little of his rage being spilt out wasn't enough. He called his men, "Where is she?" He said still pissed. He needed to calm down before he got back to her but right now he was livid. If Hyunsu had just paid attention she would've stayed. He would've gotten the answer out of her later on like he planned. "Boss she's at a club called fourteen karat." "Alright stay on her until I'm there." He said. He hoped in his car and drove to the club as fast as he could. The way she got when she was drunk he couldn't deal with that. He couldn't handle having her touch another man. When he got there, he relieved his men of their job and they left. He got in the club and knew exactly where to find her, just between the bar so she was close enough to the drink and the couch where she could dance or kiss up on a guy or girl. This time she was drinking shots alone with no one with her. She looked fucked up. She looked tired, she looked like she had cried all day and she looked half dead. He came up to her just as she said, "One more." "I'm cutting you of sweetheart, you can barely sit up." The bartender said. "I can sit up I just don't want to so give me one more shot." She said. "He's right Y/n your done." Ju Kyung said. "What the fuck are you doing here I said I'm done with you." She said swatting his hand away. Ju Kyung threw money on the bar to pay for her drinks, the amount she had drank he didn't know but it should've been enough to pay for the drinks and tip him as well. He picked her up over his shoulder and walked out. She smacked his back and kicked her legs telling him to put her down but he refused until they were outside. He set her against the wall of the building. "Get away from me." She said trying to push him. "Are you this fucking stupid to go out and get so fucking drunk you can't even stand up straight?" He snapped at her. "Fuck off Ju Kyung I don't want you around me." She said. "Y/n if you had told me who he was I wouldn't have let him near you. I wouldn't have let Hyunsu touch you. I've cussed Hyunsu out and had him suspend from the club for violating the rules. Baby I wouldn't hurt you." "But you do. You hurt me so much. I hate you!" She pushed him and his heart sank hearing her say that. "I hate you, I hate you so fucking much! You lied to me, you want me to be yours but you let him do that to me. You walked out. I hate you! All you want to do is hurt me. You want to feel pain, everyone does. It's so hard for me to be happy and function like a god damn normal human being when everyone is treating me like I'm the problem. I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask for my father to hate me and beat up. I didn't ask to be a stripper, I never asked to be hit! Why am I always being punished when I didn't do anything wrong?" She cried. Ju Kyung tried to hug her, for the first time he was hearing her loud and clear. So much pain and so much hate. She pushed him away. "No I hate you! I hate him! I all of you! I wanted the baby. I wanted my baby and he took it from me. He's taken everything from me. Everyone keeps beating me up and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being punished for something I never did! You asked me where my fight is and I am out of it. Why do I have to fight to live? Why is everyone making me a target, no matter what I do everyone keeps trying to hit me. I didn't do anything." "Y/n stop. Baby please." He said walking up to her. "No! I hate you! I hate you! You punish me because I enter relationships with men that hit me. You chose me Ju Kyung. So who punishes you?" "Y/n." "I hate you." "Stop it. Stop saying that." "No. I'll never stop. I'll never stop saying it. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you!" "Fucking stop." He snapped. "Why?" she whined. "Because I fucking love you. I love you Y/n." He grabbed her and kissed her. He kissed her hard. He put his claim on her. Even if she didn't remember his confession tomorrow, he'd repeat it to her a thousands times. "I love you, so just stop. I love you so fucking much baby. I love you, so stop saying that and just come home with me. Come with me, I won't ever ask you to go to the club again. I will never make you be a bunny again, I will never punish you again just please come home. I need you. I need you so much Y/n I love you." He said kissing her face. She pushed away, "Ohhhh I'm gonna throw up." She said. "Now?" He asked. She turned and threw up. He pulled her hair back and let her keep going until she was done. She stood back up for a moment and then just fainted. He caught her in his arms and got her in the car. He brought her back to his place. He laid her down in his bed, he wasn't leaving her alone. He placed the box she left on his doorstep in the closet when something caught his eye. He bent down and grabbed it out of the box. The box had ducks on it and he smiled a little. He opened the box and saw a black box. When he opened it, he saw an old watch. It had a brown leather band and gold numbers with a black face. When I was a kid, my dad had this really cool watch that my mom gave him for his birthday. I loved looking at it. It had a black face with gold numbers and a brown leather band. He thought back to the time he told her about the watch. That's sounds really ugly. She said before laughing. He had smiled at her. Yeah it was but my dad loved it. He wore it everyday until the band broke. He swore he lost it in the house and he nearly tore the place upside down trying to find it. He never did. It was the most expensive thing any of us ever had in the house. Mom had saved up so much for it. A watch like that now is worth a lot. I always wanted one. I still do. "Happy Birthday Gwangju boy" was written on the tag attached to the watch. He walked over to her and kissed her forehead. "I love you so god damn much." He said. He slipped into bed beside her after placing the watch on his dresser drawer. He brought her close to him and wrapped his arms around her and fell asleep... 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