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Bare with me as I go through Hobi's smut!
He's a wanted to make on the goody side, tried, lol I can see him having a sense of humor at some points
Now Warning! Smut

Jhope smut.

He was away on tour and with the help of a few insiders I found out where they were and what hotel they were staying at. Arriving at the hotel I had a huge grin on my face, I was going to be surprising my boyfriend.

"Hobi baby where are you at?" I asked when he answered.
"Baby you know I'm on tour" hobi whined.
"But I miss you" I pouted.
I was on my way up the elevator hoping no one else got in, mostly because I wasn't sure what room he was in, jin just said he was on the 8ty floor.
"I won't get to see you until next month U/N" he sighed. "We can always do Skype to see each other" he suggested.
"That's not the same I can't hug you or kiss you" I told him
"I know, and I'm sorry, I wish you could have just come with me" he said.
"Really?" I questioned.
"U/N I love having you with me" he said, I could hear the smile in his voice.
"Well. If you play the song 'Save me' really loud you I know you've been thinking of me" I said saying the first song that popped into my head, well first was mama but that might be a little weird to say.
"You think?" He chuckled. I waited and waited until I heard the song start to play over the phone.
"I'm thinking of you now" he said.
Yes, I would be able to hear that outside of the door when I walked by it.
I talked to him a bit, asking about how his concert went and such. I passed by a door that had a food tray outside of it and I could hear music playing. This had to be it.
I knocked on the door.
"Someone's at the door" hobi commented.
"Oh are you going to answer it?" I asked.
"No" he said making me frown.
"Why not?" I asked.
"It's probably one of the guys and I don't want them interrupting our time" he said making my heart melt, until I remember, I was the one at the door.
"Maybe its room service" I said.
"I already ate" hobi chuckled.
"Oh come on, answer the door" I said, trying to sound playful.
"Oh feisty" he chuckled. "Fine, hold on" he said and I grinned, yes!
I waited to hear the door open but it didn't.
"No one was there" hobi said coming back on the line. My eyes widened.


"Answer the door Hoseok" I said.
"Why? It probably a fan trying to find us" he said.
"Fine, then I guess I'll just leave" I said last resort, practically giving myself away.
"Why are you leaving?" He asked "wait leaving? You mean hanging up?" He asked.
"No leaving" I said.
The door in front of me opened.
"U/N. Your here!" He sounded so shocked, but then a smile crossed his face. He stepped forward and lifted me off the ground in a hug.
"You're here!" He cheered.
"Yes I am" I laughed as he pulled me into the room and closed the door.  
"What are you doing here?" He asked setting me down. He was only dressed in a robe I took notice of.
"I haven't been able to see you in a month, the other guys helped me get out here to see you" I said
"Well I'm happy you're here" hobi grinned.
"Hopscotch what were you doing before?" I asked looking around the room. The TV was on mute but on and a deck of cards was sitting on the bed.
"Entertaining myself" he said.
"Hmm, well I think I can entertain you now" I said putting the cards on the desk. I turned in time to have Hobo embrace me. Held held onto me.
"I've missed you U/N" he whispered next to my ear.
"I've missed you too" I said. "Can I show you how much I've missed you?" I asked as my hands roamed down his back. "And how much I really enjoyed you in stage tonight" I said.
"You saw me on stage?" He pulled back looking at me.
"I had crappy seats but yea, I did" I grinned.

His mouth covered mine in a steaming kiss. I pulled back his robe to touch his bare chest. "You with your solo, oh hobi, you were amazing" I told him.
"U/N. I'm so happy, you're here" he said as he lifted my shirt off. "Mine" he grinned.
He unclasped my bra in a swift move and dipped his head down, he licked and nibbled at my collarbone as he stepped me back. He lifted me up so I sat on the desk. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer.
"You wore this skirt on purpose didn't you?" He chuckled. I had on a short red skirt with a thing underneath.
"Maybe" I said as I felt his fingers touch me through the thin material.

He put pressure on my clit then moved them in circles. Oh did it feel good, so good I was twitching.
"Hoske" I breathed out. I used my nickname on him, it made him happy, a goofy grin crossed his face before his lips were on mine. The pressure on my clot intensified. My legs started to loosen around him and dropped away. I heard a rip and then saw he had my panties ripped and in his hands.
"My reward for my good show" he grinned.
"Hoske!" I exclaimed as his fingers entered me. His talented fingers hit my sweet spot making me wiggle against him.

I pressed my mouth to his, needing him. His kiss was addictive, his tongue flicked against mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He stopped touching my clit and his hands slide to lift me off the desk. His nails dug into my skin as he started to walk towards the bed. He set me down on the bed and than made a roll over gesture with his finger. Rolling my eyes and moved to lay on my stomach. Except hobi pulled me up so I was sitting looking away from him. I could feel his bare chest against my back. I felt his fingers enter inside of me as he started to thrust them over and over. My head tilted back to rest against his shoulder, my face turned in so I could lick his neck.

“Hoske, please, just enter me” I begged. Several moments later he pushed me down so that my ass was sticking up in the air. He stood standing at the end of the bed. His cock slide between my cheeks and down to my clit he pushed in and I gasped. The tingles started. My hand went between my legs and I rubbed circles against my clit. At first he moved slowly inside me, but his tempo picked up. At some point hobi changed our positions so that I was sitting up, my back once again pressed to his chest as he pumped into me. His hands roamed chest chest, twisting and tweaking my nipples. When he came it was abrupt but I hadn’t come yet.

“Last position” he mumbled as he sat on the bed and pulled me into his lap. My arms wrapped around his neck and tangled in his hair as i faced him, I sat in his lap, pressing his cock inside of me.

“U/N you feel so good” He groaned as his hands held onto my back.

“Hmm Hobi, talk dirty to me” I exclaimed as my his slid shut.

“You filthy animal, you,” he sounded unsure making me chuckle. “Baby just fucking move on me, come on my cock” he said trying to sound dirty. His chuckles vibrated through his body though, and that felt good.

“Hobi, you suck at this” I chuckled as I leaned in and kissed him. I

took control and slid faster making his cock continually hit my sweet spot. Knowing that he was here with me. That after so long I was touching him and he was touching me, he had been pent up waiting for me. My emotions threw me over the edge until I came. Moaning I sagged against him. We both laid down in the bed, still tangled together.

“Baby I'm so happy you're here” Hobi said as I fell asleep.

Well well lol actually I feel like I'm loosing my edge with these Smut scenes, I was so close to having cosplay taking place (I laughed so hard at that one) oh maybe yoongi's lol he's still left, last one standing.
Hope you did like it though, I did take time to make it good and different from the others.
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hmm .....no extras....well that's a bit sad....but wait neither did kookies...does this mean no extras for yoongis?
what extra's?
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wow j hope doesn't know how to talk dirty well someone needs to teach him I wonder if the other boys know how to talk dirty lol