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Born: Jung Yong Joon
Profession: Actor
Birth Date: 20 December 1976 (Sagittarius) at Busan, South Korea
Vital Stats: 63 kg (Weight), 177 cm (Height), O (Blood Type)
Family: Wife Kim Yeo Jin and 2 sons
Talent Agency: SidusHQ

Fans of popular Korean star, Jang Hyuk, have his father to thank. Had it not been for the latter’s objection to his son’s pursual of a sports major in university, we probably would never have met the versatile actor that is Jang Hyuk.

The 35-year-old is truly a man of many faces. From an offbeat rebellious high schooler to a caring doctor, an aspiring ballroom dancer to a ruthless slave hunter, it seems like Jang Hyuk can carry off any role. His chiselled good looks and dreamy physique make him a natural choice when it comes to casting the leading man.

The Busan-born heartthrob began his career in modelling, then moved on into acting in the SBS drama, Model (1997). In addition to acting in dramas and movies, Jang Hyuk also appeared in several music videos, including those from his own rap album, TJ Project, which was released in 2000.

Jang Hyuk’s critically acclaimed performance in the eccentric action/comedy Volcano High (2001) made him a household name in South Korea. His popularity continued to blossom the following year with starring roles in the box-office hit, Jungle Juice, as well as the widely adored TV drama Joyful Girl’s Success Story. Jang Hyuk also acted in Where Is Toilets?, a HK-Korea co-production directed by Hong Kong director Fruit Chan. The movie went on to win a Special Mention in the Upstream section of the 2002 Venice Film Festival.

However, it was the movie Windstruck (2004) that rocketed Jang Hyuk’s name to fame in Asia. The film, in which he appeared opposite top star Jeon Ji-hyun, became one of the biggest-selling Korean films of all time in Japan.

The rising star made his Hollywood debut with Dance Of The Dragon (2007), a collaboration between Korea, Singapore and the United States. Showing off his martial arts and ballroom dancing moves in the film, the man sure knows how to work his well-toned body. This is not suprising as he is known for having practiced Jeet Kune Do for more than 10 years and is a former Taekwondo athlete.

Despite his love for aggressive sports, Jang Hyuk is a family man at heart. He married his longtime girlfriend, who was his Pilates instructor, in 2002 and is now a father of two healthy sons.

Jang Hyuk’s stellar performances have gained him much recognition; his latest being the Grand Prize and Best Couple Award for his TV drama The Slave Hunter at the recent 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

His upcoming drama serial, Midas, deals with stock exchange, mergers and acquisitions and it promises to be another big hit.


Models (1997) TV Series

Feature Films

The Client (2011)Searching For The Elephant (2009)Rabbit And Lizard (2009)Five Sense Of Eros: His Concern (2009)Dance Of The Dragon (2008)Windstruck (2004)Please Teach Me English (2003)Where Is Toilets? (2002)Jungle Juice (2002)Volcano High (2001)Zzang (1998)

Music Videos

Lim Young-jin <Where Is Love> (2008)ELVA <Impulse> (2008)TJ Project <Days, Months and Love> (2000)g.o.d <Dear My Mother> (1999)

Music Album

TJ Project, 2000

TV Series

Midas (2011)Fall In Love (2010)The Slave Hunter (2010)The War Of Flower (2008)Robber (2007)Thank You (2007)The Great Ambition (2002-2003)Joyful Girl’s Success Story (2002)The Earth Of Wang Reung (2000)School (1999)Into The Sunshine (1999)Models (1997)


2010 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize (The Slave Hunter)2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Lee Da Hae (The Slave Hunter)2010 Seoul International Drama Awards: Hallyu Star Male Actor2008 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor, Special Project (The War Of The Flower)2008 West Hollywood International Film Festival: Best Actor (Dance of the Dragon)2007 Asia Model Festival: BBF Popular Star Award2007 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award Miniseries (Thank You)2002 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor (The Great Ambition, Joyful Girl’s Success Story)2002 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars2000 SBS Dram

Follwing are some images of his Dramas and Movies..

He is one of my favorite actors. I think I have seen all of his Dramas and Movies..LOL!
Following some images of one of my favorite Drama he has worked on "Fated to Love you".. I watched this with my mom and she loved it
Next.. Gun trying to kiss "Snail" for the 5th time and finally able to do it
Well if you haven't watch this.. go ahead.. you will love

Jang Hyuk

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@MelissaGarza yes you should..I like them all but this one was funny lol..I like the Historical ones he got..well historical are my favorite
@luna1171 I love historical dramas too!
he's so handsome! one of my favorite actors for sure
you left out his series Shine or Go Crazy, gosh I luv this dude!
@LinnyOk No is there check out the pictures of his work..Gush no.. I love that one is a historical I love historical