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Hello everyone!!

Okay, last week I was switched from All VIXX Mondays to N Sundays. So now I will be helping Erica out to bring you all some more Hakyeon love~!! I'll try to make sure I post these cards so that I don't make Erica do all the work;;

So I love N's different hair colors so much and I decided that we all need to appreciate N's natural hair color: Black!! Because my owe my he looks so good with just plain black hair!! *-*

Just look at him!! He looks so sexy and mysterious mixed in with extreme adorableness!!!!

Look at him!! When he's so serious he looks like he could be the villian in a movie!!! But then he smiles and it's like, "Awww precious baby!!" Look at him!!!! He's too cute!!!!!!!

Haha, well I hope that I'll come up with better cards to make for N, but for now, his different hair colors will have to suffice cx But that's alright too since he looks so good in any hair color!!

Oh, and before I forget C;

I'm sorry, but I had to. He has black hair in this one and it was calling to me Cx

See you all on Sundays~

*The Dangerous Bitches*

VIXXEN squad


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I received no warning that death was upon me 😅
Hakyeon with black hair is just...too much for me!! I love his black hair so much!!!
@ChaErica Same!! His black hair kills me!!!! 😍😍
N with black hair is a dangerous combination 😱