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EXO Sci-Fi
It frightened them a little too see Nero lose it. But what could they do.  Kai appeared right behind them, he took hold of them all and whisked them inside leaving Nero to kick in the door. Once inside, they could hear Nero still kicking the door, it was nearly off the hinge now. The Grawl hunter stood in front of it, waiting.

“They're downstairs, how do we get down there?” Baek said frantically.

The Grawl was too distracted to notice them there and it was a relief. Sehun was the one to find the door, he turned the knob but it was locked. When he seen it opened inward, he started ramming his shoulder into it, then Baek joined him. Xiumin would kick the door in between their ramming.

Baek started to weep a little, he remembered banging on that steel door, yelling for his mom, yelling to be let out. He remembered how scared he was and how Chanyeol was there to calm to him and stayed with him throughout most of that horrible time. He needed to break this door down and get Chanyeol and the others out.

Kai and Suho stood guard ready for the Grawl to come at them. Just as Nero crashed through that door, the door they were trying to get through broke open.

There were stairs leading down but it was dark. Baek lifted his hands above his head and a bright light lit their way. They ran down the steps quickly and down another hall, only to be stopped by another locked door. They banged on it, hollering out but no one answered.

“The door is metal, I don't think we can kick it in this time.” Suho said, feeling around the door for any kind of way to open it. “Kai, can you teleport in?”

“I don't know the layout of the room. I could end up being inside something else.” Kai said sounding worried but wanting so badly to do it.

Baek looked around, getting his directions straight. “If this is the front of the house,” he put his hand up, “the front door here, that door,” he pointed back behind them, “We came down the stairs, turned…” he moved his other hand, he pointed at the wall behind Suho, that's the front, the window is right next to this door…. There's nothing behind this door, I remember when I was looking through that little window, I didn't see anything behind this door.”

“What window?” Kai asked

“The one by the front porch….”

Before he could finish, Kai disappeared. A minute later, they could hear the sound of glass breaking, things crashing on the ground, and thumps against the door and then nothing. The door locks clicked and it creaked open. Kai appeared from behind it, dropping to his knees, blood dripping down the side of his face.

Sehun and Baek went to his aide as Xiumin and Suho ran to where the other four boys laid limp. They looked them over, shaking them to wake up. Kyung moaned, rubbing his neck before falling off his chair. Xiumin picked him.

“Where is he?” Kyung asked drowsily.

“Nero is upstairs fighting with it,” Xiumin answered, “Why?”

Kyung shook his head, blinking his eyes, looking around, “no, no…” he spotted Joon lying on the floor, “Him.” He staggered over to him, pulled him over. Wiped the blood from his face. Kyung couldn't stop staring at him. It had been a long time, but he remembers him. They all gathered around him, looking down at him.

“Who is he?”

He heard someone ask.

“The Grawl hunter's son… But…” Kyung looked up at Xiumin and Suho.

Suho's mouth dropped open “It can't be”

Xiumin dropped to his knees.

There came a loud boom from above them, like a small bomb had exploded. They all looked up as dust and pieces of the ceiling fell around them. Then another loud boom. Nero and the Grawl hunter came crashing through the ceiling. Landing a few feet away. They all grabbed each other, heading for safety. Kyung looked back and seen Joon still lying where they left him.

“We have to save him!”

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