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:08~:12 ES: it’s really Hollywood! KT: That can’t possibly be more amazing than what I said in the movie theater :13~:16 Male voice: Do you want me to tell you why you lost? YoungDo: I must be like my father, but apparently I’m more like mother. :16~:18 KT: That’s cute ES: If you know it, then it’s okay :18 Kim Won: Did you think this it was okay for you to show up? :22 YD: (scoffs) I’m going to kill you :23 ES: Are we being mistaken as a couple? KT: Don’t even dream about it~ :24 ES: Chanyoung! CY: Eunsang! :26 CY: I was worried about you! (KT scoffs and shakes his head >.<) :28: Bona: There’s no way he could have forgotten. KT is not planning a filing lawsuit is he? :29 ES: Chanyoung hit you? KT: Do you know me? CY: I know you. Only thing you need is money. :34 ES: Is there any more reason for me to stay.. :35 KT: Ahwoooo it’s damn annoying :36 Ki-Ae (to ES’ mother) Did you hear everything??? :37 KT: She will be there. Bona: Chance or fate, let’s find out ======== I'm love with this show!!! @_@ <3 Next episode will air next Wednesday, October 16, 10pm Korea time!!
live recap will be available on http://www.vingle.net/posts/198184 at 10pm Korea time tomorrow!!
awww I can't wait for the next ep..I ♥ lee min ho
I'm really into this show as well!! ><
My new favorite! I love this a lot! XD
LMH getting jealous is so adorable!
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