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EXO Sci-Fi
The front door crashed in and Nero stood seething with anger. The hunter urged him to come. Nero lunged at him, the Grawl backhanded him and sent him flying, but that didn't stop Nero. With a war cry, he lunged again at the Grawl, this time using the fighting skills he learned. He swept the Grawl's leg, knocking him on his back. The Grawl hissed and leapt back up onto his feet.
“YOU DIRTY BASTARD! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” Nero screamed as he took the Grawl down again, his fists slamming into the hunters face and body, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON!!“ The Grawl laughed, despite being beaten bloody, “He's MY son now!“ The Grawl managed to throw him off. Nero's strength was nearly depleted, his body was a bit tired but he was far from through. With his long arms, the hunter lifted Nero off the ground. Looking him eye to eye, “He's my investment, he will be the one to bring me back from death.” The hunter grinned, “then you can have your son back. Exactly the way you left him." “NOOOOO! YOU BASTARD!” The Grawl tossed him to the side and headed for the stairs. “Thank you for bringing them.” Nero reached into his pockets, found that grenade he debated whether to bring or not, pulled the pin and tossed it at the Grawl. The blast sent the hunter through the air, through a wall, nearly to other side of the house. “You stay away from them.” Nero pulled out another grenade, “I'll make sure you stay away from them.” He ran towards the hunter at full speed. The hunter jumped up and dodged him. The grenade was knocked out of Nero's hand when they collided. It exploded.