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Note: PLEASE do not take offense to this. This isn't targeted at ALL ARMY'S. I'm also extremely sorry if it cones off as bitchy and rude but I'm really pissed right now.

Alright ladies and gentleman, it's time for a mother fucking rant. A full blown, heart attack inducing, RANT. So damn livid right now!

It's BEGINNING. You know what I mean, yes? The "oh-so-loving" and "supportive" claim that people use when their faves become increasingly popular too quickly. You can feel my sarcasm nipping and biting at your veins, can't you?
As i was saying, this phrase, is the onslaught of "ARMYS" claiming that BTS is becoming "too mainstream" and making "generic pop music." I CANNOT CALMLY EXPLAIN how much i DESPISE that god forsaken phrase! Calm is not in my dictionary right now.

Tell me, why don't you, all of those who think this? TELL ME HOW their music is mainstream or sounds like... *shivers* generic pop music.

Actually, no, I'll explain, no, Inform you, on how it's not.

Wanna use their latest album as an example? Yes, we'll do that! But I don't have the patients to make it through all fifteen SELF WRITTEN AND PRODUCED SONGS which is NOT something you see commonly in generic pop music. I mean it took 15 people to write one of Beyonce's song that had like "Who run the world? Girls" repeated for 3min (exaggeration yes I know).

-*- So first up, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" written by most of them, with the help of some staff. This song was produced as a lil something called "Moombahton Trap" or simply "Moombahton." It's a fusion of Reggaeton (actually a Spanish genre, which I know because I am Spanish) and Trap/house music. This genre, in itself, is NOT well known, or even known for that matter, in Korea. Now keep in mind, this genre that is not popular, well known, or even known about in Korea, THEY CHOSE as their title song. That in itself was a risk. I know I repeated myself. Anyways! But "generic pop music" right?

-*- Next is both "Lie", and "Stigma". Lie is Jimin's solo song WHICH HE WROTE, and Stigma is V's solo song, which, OH LOOK, HE ALSO WROTE. So Lie's track/beat/flow/notes (whatever the hell you want to call it) is actually based off of an orchestra/composure. It's a composed piece that Jimin and/or Bighit incorporated into the song. Stigma is completely smooth jazz. Simply stated, blues. "Generic. Pop. Music."

-*- I only have patients for one more to be honest. I'm taking this one back to "House Of Cards." Beautiful song. It has smooth jazz and blues elements to it as well. It feels so theatrical, almost as if you're at a masquerade. Jungkook even scats!

Anyways, I could sit here and talk about Baepsae, Reflection, First Love, Butterfly, and so mother fucking on, and mother fucking forth, but its 5:36am and I need to sleep before I lose my shit.

For those of you who took the time to read, thank you. Please anticipate BTS's comeback and support them if you want, because they're a special group of men. They put in too much hard work and effort to be called generic pop music when they're not even branded as pop.