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hello and I hope youre all doing well.. so I'm back again here to ask you guys Which do you prefer...Manga or Anime...Everyone opinion is different but i figure this is a way I can learn more about you guys....Sorry I haven't been up to date with anyone but I'll try to keep up with posting and try not to be to distance..

Today i'll be using Fairy Tail as a most of you all know I LOVE FAIRY TAIL!!
I love both Manga and Anime but it makes me sad sometimes when the graphic isn't the same as one over the other.
they change a characters outfit...
Or when the colors are to hard to read once they're on the screen...
So Which do you guys prefer?

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The manga is usually more graphic with more details but I like anime because you actually get to see the characters come to life
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that's true @Hatake26 and that's what I love seeing so much!!
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It's really more about the series. Some anime has better visuals than the manga. And some manga has better visuals than the anime.
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I love anime a bit more bc of the sound and visuals but the manga is great to and btw I'd like to be added plz :)
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Manga is typically better.
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I feel like Anime and Manga are simmilar to Movies and books. Manga/Books are the originals the really good story filled with all the details and then there's Anime/Movies which get only a portion from Manga/Books and leave some really good scenes or info out.
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