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This is something I really didn't expect! It seems that the unrequited love Gon (Sung Yoon) has finally gotten recognized by Yeowool (Suzy)!! It seems that Suzy was spotted with Sung Yoon being a little bit more than friends ><! They are said to have been spotted on the 24th trying to be "just close friends" hehe. Suzy, Sung Yoon, and another friend seem to have been just hanging out going dinner at a Japanese restaurant, but then it happened! Sung Yoon put his arm around her, and it seems like she not only did not mind, she acted back by playing with his fingers. (And seriously who would blame her?! Have you seen him?!! check out the last pic ;)) Of course the reps are denying it. A rep from JYP Entertainment responded "Suzy and Sung Joon are known to be close friends. They also meet up often with their 'Book of the House of Gu' co-stars Lee Seung Gi and Lee Yoo Bi. They have a mutual friend who they ate and spend time with. Suzy and Sung Joon are just close colleagues." Another agency rep also confirmed, "Suzy and Sung Joon are just friends. They are definitely not dating." So what do you girls think? Friends? If I were Suzy, I sure wouldn't mind accepting we are more than friends XD Actually I am usually trying to spread the opposite rumor about myself and an oppa ><!
that to me just looks like a typical night with my friends
I think they would be a really cute couple, but I didn't see anything super incriminating as them being a couple, but I'm American and guys and girls who aren't dating joke around and put their arms around each others shoulders a lot so, yeah. But like I said I think they'd be a really cute couple. And more importantly! I need a Gu Family Book part 2 please people!! lol
I don't see any thing to be shocking about them as friends or couple.
sometime we fans bcm really selfish ppl control lol they have a right 2 enjoy thr life 2 these pics r really cutttee ♥♥♥:-)
they should date i would love dat day look really cute tgthr :-)♥
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