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I actually don't understand where should i start from.I'm gonna write this as a confession card,my confession to BTS!
on 13th june,2013 they started their journey and went through so many.Now they've become our BTS, ARMY'S BTS ❤.When i started watching some of their songs,got addicted to their funny videos,their special episodes and series everything turned me up and i really felt like I've been watching them for years :')
Rap Monster the best leader,J-hope mochi, Jimin sunshine,Jin the most caring,V our gift and Jungkook the the most charming adorable maknae.I watch over and over their episodes,dance practices, random videos and smile all the day!All of their songs are in my wish list.They are literally bias wreckers! I'm so obsessed...
I wanna grow old with them,meet them all,confess all of my feelings and die in peace.I wish i could get the chance at least to know them because they always make me feel like "So close yet so far." But imma keep them in my heart forever,love forever and cheering them them up at concerts with hand full of BTS Bombs xD Thank you Bighit, Thank you BTS for working hard,making such beautiful songs and being so good to ARMY. I love you.