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I wish I can dye my hair like him.....😢

sometimes I want to dye my hair, yet I feel afraid it will damage my natural color.
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You should go for it!! I think it would look great on you...Don't be afraid to dye your hair, just don't over due it on the color...I would suggest if you have the money for a hair salon go for that first, if not then try the box hair dye but don't go for a full on black since black is hard to get out
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plus I think you would look good with that hair style!
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I wish I can go for it, but is against regulations at work. I either have to be on vacation or get out
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ooooh, I understand....I know how jobs can be picky with hair color
9 months ago
do the darkest brown if you don't do black but I never had any trouble with black dye it usually only lasts three weeks in my hair before my natural red undertones start taking over.
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