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So today is all about showing love to your favorite male voice actors. So I have decided to do someone that is iconic in the anime voice acting world, Vic Mignogna!!!
American Anime Award- Best Actor 2007
Birthday- August 27, 1962 ( 54!! Yet Still So Handsome!! >_<)
From- Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Has starred in Star Trek ?!?!?!
Musician too !!
Iconic Roles :
Edward Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist )
Tamaki ( OHHC)
Obito( Naruto)
Zero( Vampire Knight)
Yoshimori( Kekkaishi)
Kasuka( Durarara x2)
Broly ( DBZ)
Greece ( Hetalia)
Spirit ( Soul Eater)
Countless others....

There you go! I love Vic so much! He is one of the first voice actors that I have gotten to know & I can almost always identify him no matter what. Thank you so much Vic Mignogna for all your hardwork & voice acting!!
Here's to you !!!
@JessSenpai Yep! I always point out his voice >_<
@midnightskieslo Soo lucky!! I have never been to an anime convention T-T
Yeah that was my first anime convention ever! I was nervous at first but it was so fun and home like!! ❀
Yas!!! I love Vic to! I met him at the beginning of January! I was so happy!! Met Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh to! 😍😍😍
Holy crap I did not realize that Vic was also Obito and Ikkaku's english voice actor!! Then again I cant say that Ive ever heard either dubbed...