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B.A.P has shared a curious teaser photo that’s got fans theorizing!
On February 6, the group’s agency TS Entertainment released a teaser photo via Facebook that features the text “#FF0000” and the date March 7, 2017.
Many fans have pointed out that “#FF0000” is the hexadecimal color value for red, which happens to be the color of member Bang Yong Guk’s “matoki” character Shishimato. Bang Yong Guk did not participate in the promotions for the group’s most recent comeback last November to take time to receive treatment for a panic disorder, and many fans are hoping that the teaser indicates he’ll be making a return.
It has also been pointed out by fans that the teaser photo features the morse code for “From Noir,” which is notable because the group’s latest album (featuring their title track “Skydive”) was titled “Noir.” Some fans are also wondering if the color value is hinting at another color for the title of a new release from B.A.P.
What are you hoping the teaser photo is for?
What are you hoping for? Bang's return? Maybe a comeback? Maybe further details on the upcoming world tour? Who knows! But lets all be excited that our boys are doing new things, lets support them (even if you want them to rest, supporting them is what you should do as a fan whether you agree or not.) B.A.P fighting!!!!
I'm not ready!!! T.T 😅
I'm hoping it's either a comeback or something to do with Bang~!! But if it is ether I hope it's what Bang and the others wanted, and hopefully they aren't being forced to this.
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