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Hello boys! Here to help me out with my list? What's that? Wait a minute? Uuummmmm....okay?!?!
Can I continue now? Guys?
Really? Y'all had to change outfits? You know you could literally wear potato sacks & we would still love you right? Okay, moving on... Let's dive into this list. In absolutely no order what so ever, here are just a few of my favs from these adorkable beans.
Dance Monster here to help me kick things off.
War Of Hormone
We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2
Just One Day
Save Me
EPILOGUE: Young Forever
Boyz With Fun
Attack On Bangtan
Converse High

My Crazy K-Pop Fam!!

K-Pop & Gamer Crew!!

Vingle Fam!!

Let me know if you do/do not want to be tagged in future cards
im new to listening to bts so I still need to listen to some but other than attack on bangtan and converse high I love them all!
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its not that they arent my favs i just havent listened to them yet
I can't believe there are songs from BTS I haven't heard of. Thanks for sharing 😊
You're welcome 😁 Glad I could introduce you to a few new songs 😁