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Hey guys. I've been home for a few days now since I quit my job and I think I've finished the internet. I've exhausted job hunting, YouTube, Facebook, Vingle and all the good movies.
I need suggestions for some really good movies to occupy my time until I get another job. I like fiction, horror, comedy, animation (not anime... sorry anime lovers). I'd appreciate any suggestion. Thanks in advance.
By the way, the other day I watched "BBC Peter Pan Goes Wrong" and it's hilarious af, my new go to movie. I highly recommend it.

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Thanks Vingle!!!
funk1lock8 @TerrecaRiley. Hi Terreca, I watched that BBC play Peter Pan Goes Wrong by chance thinking it would be rubbish but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be quite funny. As to movies you might like to watch Mystery Train and Night On Earth dir Jim Jarmusch the former about two Japanese tourists trying to find Elvis's Graceland home.I first saw Steve Bescemi here.The latter about a. female Taxi Driver in Finland. Wild At Heart a strange film starring Nicolas Cage,Laura Dern,Juliet Lewis,Issabella Rossilini. Blue Velvet starring Dennis Hopper,Isabella again, another weird movie. Lost Highway,Mulholland Drive which are by dir David Lynch. Lovers Of The Arctic Circle,The Red Squirrel,dir Aljeandro Amenebar,Sex. and. Lucia, Hamon Hamon "Where women eat men and men eat ham". sequel Golden Balls.No not David Beckham but starring Spain's top actor and Actress Xavier Bardem & Penelope Cruz who didn't get on at all while making the first movie and now are Married! dir Bigas Lunas. Belle Epoc. Obviously dir Pedro Almoldovar movies,Tie Me Up,Tie Me Down where I first saw Antonio Banderas. Kika, All about My Mother etc. The. Double Life. Of. Veronique,Three Colours Trilogy: Blue,White,Red. City Of God,City Of Men,Man Of The Year,Lower City Brazillian movies. Los Debutantes Chilean,Killing Zoe dir Roger Avary starring Eric Stoltz,Julie Delpy,Jean Hughes-Anglade A Werewolf in London,A Werewolf In Paris,Brotherhood Of The Wolf,Doberman,La Haine all with Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci,Taxi,Taxi 2. dir Luc. Besson (The original French versions not the Hollywood ones),Run Lola Run starring Franke Portente ,Go starring Katie Holmes,eXiistenZ dir David Cronenberg starring Jude Law,Jennifer Jason Leigh Tarantinos movies Pulp Fiction,Reservoir Dogs,Kill Bill,Jackie Brown, & Grindhouse flick Death Proof etc. Robert Rodriguez movies Desperado,Once Upon A Time In Mexico,Dusk Till Dawn starring George Clooney,Salma Hayek,Tarantino, Machete,Machete Kills starring Danny Trejo,The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover dir Peter Greenaway starring Helen Mirren,Michael Gambon,Tim Roth.Would I lie To You?Would I Lie to You,Again? I've got loads more movies to recommend but I'm tired now.I've seen so many weird and Wonderful movies.I just remembered. more The Cow dir Kiristani. (Iranian),:-) Taxidermia
wow! thanks. I'll check all these out then get back to you in a year after I've gotten thru them all. I really appreciate this
little shop of horrors
thank u