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Hey guys. I've been home for a few days now since I quit my job and I think I've finished the internet. I've exhausted job hunting, YouTube, Facebook, Vingle and all the good movies.
I need suggestions for some really good movies to occupy my time until I get another job. I like fiction, horror, comedy, animation (not anime... sorry anime lovers). I'd appreciate any suggestion. Thanks in advance.
By the way, the other day I watched "BBC Peter Pan Goes Wrong" and it's hilarious af, my new go to movie. I highly recommend it.

hi sorry to butt in, right now me and my brothers are watching a show called The Librarians it's has all of the things you mentioned.
thank you.
little shop of horrors
thank u
Star Wars, Harry Potter Jurassic Park Resident Evil and The Four Kings of Horror collections Marathon.
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I was in a rush so I went by thier Nick name. The Four Kings of Horror are: Freddy Kruger- Nightmare on Elm St. Jason Voorhees- Friday the 13th Michael Myers- Halloween Leatherface- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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