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Its Mina's turn to get announced!
Mina (Myoui Mina) Mina is one of the Japanese members of Twice and she is the lead dancer and a vocalist. Mina is actually from the states, She was born in Texas, San Antonio to be precise, Her family moved back to Japan to raise her in Hyogo prefecture. Mina became a dancer for 8 years before she auditioned for JYP, she actually got scouted on the streets when she was shopping. (Wow, thought that happened in movies and dramas only lol). Anyway she passed the audition in Japan and became a trainee, later she entered in the show ‘SIXTEEN”.

Extra Extra!!! Mina shares a room with the other 2 Japanese bandmates. * Mina studied at Obayashi Sacred Heart School. ** Her favorite music genre is K-pop (OO we have something in common) *** Once one of her fans gifted her a bottle of Ketchup with her name on it. **** She loves Suho from Exo ***** She is able to speak, Japanese, Korean and English fluently.