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The dating rumor mill has started once again. On October 11, one media outlet reported that miss A’s Suzy and actor Sung Joon were spotted having dinner together on September 24 at a Japanese restaurant in the ritzy neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The two looked close wearing comfortable attire and the media included that Sung Joon laid his hand on Suzy’s shoulder while she was holding that hand. The rumor quickly reached Suzy’s agency and not long after, JYP Entertainment flatly denied such a claim. A representative stated, “Not only Suzy and Sung Joon, but Lee Seung Gi, Lee Yoo Bi and other staff from MBC’s drama ‘Gu Family Book’ also were there.” Sung Joon’s agency stated, “Sung Joon and Suzy were originally close. Heard that after ‘Gu Family Book’ ended, they have been meeting with their friends often. However, we know that the two are definitely not dating.” Both Suzy and Sung Joon participated in “Gu Family Book.” The former played the martial artist Dam Yeo Wool while Sung Joon played her bodyguard character Gon.
lol i wd like dat THEY NEED 2 DATE Lols they r all always working i would love them 2 date they should :-)
Its bcos they are celebrities that's why its made a big deal.it happens in hollywood too dating rumours and all.isn't that the guy from Lie to Me(hyun sang hee)
why korean people is so complicated, in USA you huge, kiss a friends and is not a big deal..hanging out w friends is just friendship not mean any relationship. .lord I can handle it, korean culture about women /man it's really suck...