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Hi Melodies!!!!!

It's Minhyuk week!!! This makes me so excited! I get to talk about all things Squishy! Oh I just squealed with joy! I'm filling in for leader @StephanieDuong, who happens to be back now!!! Yyyaaaayyyy
Anyway, this makes me so excited! But at the same time I can't choose!
That's right I'm talking about 'I'll Be Your Melody' song covers. Each cover Minhyuk has done is amazing!
Their first season he sang, 'Open' and his vocals. We all know Minhyuk is a rapper, but have you heard him actually sing!? Like woah boy.
Second season rolls around and he covers , 'Miss You' and with the blonde hair, the guy has me. I'm hooked in.
But I think my fave cover from him is season 3, where he covers 'Wash Away'. The one second high vocals voice and then the next lower rapper vocals. My oh my, this is when I feel in love with this member.
If you haven't listened don't worry fam I got you covered. Check out the song here,
Take a listen and tell me if you agree. Cause wow. It's like two different people!

My baby! This week is going to be awesome
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ job well done
LOVE HIS FREAKIN VOICE. thanks again Lemon!πŸ’™