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Hey everyone today I will tell you all what I think a date with Sunwoo would be like!
Your day will start off at a cute little coffee shop and get that real good stuff with those cute drawings in the coffee!
You two then venture to the mall to do some shopping. While you two shop you guys will occasionally force the other to try something on just for the fun of it! (Plus who wouldn't want to pick the weirdest stuff for someone to try on!)
While at the mall you guys stop for some bubble tea because bubble tea is life!!
Your next destination is to a park to just walk, talk and take lots of photos.
As the day nearly ends you two decide to go back home and work together on making a nice home cooked meal!
And finally ending the day on a cozy couch watching some tv!
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Awesome way to spend the day with Sunwoo. Its the perfect date ❤