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We believe in Woman, we believe in all woman, we believe in the homeless woman, slightly tired, dirty and hiding behind the cardboard box they call home, we believe in these woman. You see they may not be trying to get educated, or to excel in sports and dreaming to be the next female engineer. They may not be trying to put food on the table and raising a loving family and home. They may not be trying to be promoted and climb up the corporate. Right now these woman are trying to survive, right now these woman are trying to live. And that is enough. That is enough for us to see more than just another woman on the streets because we see a Woman, someones Mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend and grandchild. We see potential, for a better future, life tomorrow and day after. We see a hope, plans that prosper and not harm, we see a desire to live and not die. And that Is enough, that will always be enough. Because once you can take the hopelessness, dispair, abandonment and rejection out of the hearts of woman, you will see the doctor, mother, engineer, CEO, minister and president that was hiding underneath the need to survive and live. So these woman matter, these woman matter enough because they are enough, girls with wiings if for woman on the streets, woman that are more than enough.