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Hey guys I kno this is super late but that's the set back of having a phone that eats your data and no wifi. Anywhoooooo, here are my results to this game. I realised that I need to make my gifs faster because EVERYONE GETS THE SAME OUTFIT!! Yes it's true. I got it a bunch of times. Sorry but I did cheat only on that part I promise. OK soooo here are my results and unfortunately Dongwoon is nowhere near me in this game.....why me??? OK I'll stop rambling and show my results........
Yay I got invited!?!?! Thank you Gikwang *Smiles*
Oh nice I get ta be comfy.
My team! Oh Woonie must be hiding from me....why oh why doesn't he look at me???? Gikwang do you love me???
Awwww Dujun you didn't have to. *Glances at Dongwoon then back at Dujun* ........get me whatever. I'm gonna go cry in the corner.
Wow. OK He noticed I was disappointed so he made sure I can eat my sorrows. Thank you Dujun.
Well you did invite me so it's fair that you give me a ride.
Bye Gikwang!! Thank you for inviting me and bringing me home. We won!!!!!
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haha Dongwoon man, he just said bye... he being rude!
Eh he must know my love for DW
Dongwoon is playing hard to get.
Hahahaha oh well lets hope i can spend time with him in the next game