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What's your favorite lyrics Rap Monster has in any song?*

*there are no right answers, only opinions

Please leave your answers in the comment
The lyrics in Let me Know, which his voice is so calm rapping and there is a lyric so meaningful 🎼😍😍🎼 ""In my imagination, I fight with you, make up with you and understand you Your hand gestures, your eyes, they are faded but not gone""" 😭😭❤❤❤
That part seriously made me cry 😭😭
"Peaches and cream sweeter than sweet chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings" 😂😂
Just one?! I think not ! 1) Player gonna play and hater gonna hate. Motherfuckers keep mother fucking all day. 2) And I'm sexy like a porn star. 3) I'm a master baby with your bra. 4) I like hate comments more than no comments. I don't know you but you know my name! 5) Thank you for letting me be me For helping me fly For giving me wings For straightening me out For waking me from being suffocated For waking me from a dream which was all I was living in When I think of you the sun comes out So I gave my sadness to the dog (Thank you. For being ‘us’) He is an amazing lyricist !
love #4
all reflection but fav. part " I wish I could love myself "
"Don't tell me bye bye" "You made me cry cry" "Love is a lie lie" I love this part so much!!!!
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