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More than one!! x.x This round we do our favorite OTPS. I actually have more than one otp with Namu ^^' Let's start off with...

The Adorable, but Quirky main vocalists couple, WooGyu!
@LemonLassie wasn't lying on the the picture of Namu grabbing Kyu butt being photo shopped. I wouldn't be surprised if something more was behind the scenes.

The next Otp for me is the same as @PolarStarr with the cute, sweet, and handsome couple, WooSoo~

They are so cute together!! It's hard to resist x.x but why resist since there are so many OTPS in Infinite!!
The next couple is omg!! x.x I'm falling and being dragged deeper into this Otp. The quirky, loving, sensitive, and caring couple, 2Woo!!

These two x.x This could also come out real too! *hides face* Well those are my favorite ships!! The one gif with Dongwoo was laying down and Woohyun beside him silently holding hands was when others were talking and they were at the sidelines!! X.X

Until next time!!!