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Its February and all of us must know that our BTS will have their comeback this month and the date is getting near, near, near ...
There's will be two versions of YNWA, left (turquoise) and right (pink)
There're more details of its:
- Photobook 120 pages
- Random photocard 1 out of 8
- Random poster 1 of 2 versions
- Special gift
- and of course, the CD!
This album is really full of mystique for me kkkkk From their lately comeback, "WINGS", there's only four version. W, I, N, and G. There's no "S" version, right?! Before BigHit released the album details, at first I think it will be S version of WINGS with dark side too. But, tiririii~ This is very colorful than WINGS ._. Because YNWA is very colorful, also the photo concept, so is my theory wrong? ㅠㅠ But wait, I still have another theory after saw the track list ...
I read an article (here) said that YNWA is an "extention" of WINGS! Based the article, many assume that this is "S" in "WINGS" to represent "Side Story" or a "Spin Off". But, after the track list released, I think "S" in "WINGS" be respresented by "Supplementary Story". Does anyone else have the same theory with me? ^^ kkkkk
Also the special gift. I read it'll be mini standing doll. Paper doll or acrylic doll? Paper doll maybe ...
Btw, if I get chance to buy YNWA, which version should I buy? I really want to, but I'm looking at my finances first :')
In fact, I really excited! Day by day I got teased by BigHit lol
So, what do you think about "You Never Walk Alone" ?
ps: Happy Graduation our Kuki~! Congraduation my little baby bunny kuki~! JKGraduationDay 정국아졸업축하해