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EXO Sci-Fi

“We have to save him!” Kyung yelled from their hiding spot just outside the door. “Why? He's Yin's son, Yin is the Grawl hunter!“ Baek cried out. “No! He's not, he's Tao!” Xiumin yelled back, “It's Tao! Don't you recognize him?” “What!?” The others said in unison. “It's Tao” Kyung said, “I knew I had seen him before. Not just at the trainee dorm.” Sehun whirled Xiumin around, shoving his arm into Xiumin's chest, “Hey, you said you remembered everything, why didn't you recognize him before?” “Because” he shoved Sehun back, “because as far as I was concerned, Tao was dead, dead for nearly 15 years. I would have just thought that he was someone that looked like him!” Sehun and him got into a shoving match. Chanyeol and Lay pulled them apart. “Now is not the time!” Chanyeol's voice deepened as he raised his voice. “We need to get him out of there.” Nero and the Grawl hunter rolled around on the floor, hitting, and throwing each other around, using whatever they could get their hands on as weapons. Chanyeol calculated how he was going run out there and pull Tao to safety. “I'll go” he finally said “I'll go with you” Suho said. They counted to three and ran out. Each of them grabbed an ankle and started dragging him out but just as they got to the door, he woke up. He kicked Chanyeol behind the knee and flipped Suho over his head when Suho tried to wrestle him down. Joon jumped up, kicked Suho in the rib and ran to help the hunter. He glared back at them. Nero got the upper hand, unloading a barrage of knives into the Grawl's body. Twisting each blade deeper into its flesh. The hunter groaned, lying on the ground, trying to pull them out. Nero staggered to his feet, he turned around and seen Joon running towards him. Nero put his arms out. For a brief delusional moment, he seen his little boy running to him, with a smile so bright, cheerful, and mischievous. He knelt down, ready to sweep him into his arms but instead he felt a knee slam into his face making him fall backwards. He covered his face as this boy sat on top of him, beating and cursing at him for hurting his father. Nero caught one arm and then the other. “Stop! Don't you know me?!“ Nero said nearly in tears, “Don't you know your papa?” Joon narrowed his eyes, his lips pulled back from his teeth in a snarl, “You're not my father.” He pulled his head back to head butt Nero. As his head came down, someone grabbed his hair, he strained his neck trying to pull away from the grip on his hair. “Your name is Tao, not Joon…” Nero reached down inside his shirt, pulling out the emblem he wore. He held it in front of his son's face, “Remember this? You played with it, you were so happy that it was going to be yours someday…” Joon swung his arm back but someone grabbed him by the wrist, he growled, “I don't know you, I don't what that is…. I DON'T KNOW ANY OF YOU! YOU'RE THE ENEMY!” He growled again, “Let me GO!” Nero yanked the emblem off and pressed it against Joon's chest, “You need to remember“ Joon’s head snapped back, his eyes wide open as he watched the world around him stop.
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