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Hello chingus and new readers~ So I decided to incorporate my non Kpop things back into my life... and I was readin through my old fanfics and thought that I'd post a couple stories on here. My number one favorite band is Pierce The Veil. So I hope everyone will like this story. Characters: Tony Perry x OC Summary: Four years seemed so short, four years of being in love with the one guy that you wanted to be with forever, but it seemed like a dream, I guess everything happens for a reason.
Props and Mayhem *Two Years Ago* ~phones ringing~ "Hello?" "Babe.. I'm Sorry I fucked up." "Yea, I know" "What do you mean?" "The slut you were with sent me a picture of you two making out" "Babe I can explain" "No I'm tired of it, I'm done." "Don't leave me please! Just wait till i come home I'll make it up to you." "No, I loved you Tony, I gave you everything... you were my everything" "Lex, please-" "I'm not going to be here when you get back Tony... Goodbye" -end call- I packed everything that I had in our home, four years just seemed like such a bust. I packed clothes my money, I grabbed my Fender and keys and went out the door. I was ignoring calls from Vic and Mike, I was even ignoring calls from my best friend Jaime, I especially was ignoring his calls. I'm tired of getting photos and random calls with him in the background. I know it's tour life and I was open about it as long as he actually didn't do anything until I got that phone call that was the end. I picked up my phone and called my buddy Jake. "Hello?" his voice sounded like he was asleep "sorry i didn't know you were asleep." I said "No it's cool whats up Lex?" He replied "Did you still want to leave San Diego?" I asked. "Yea, why, what happen?" He asked. "I'll explain later I'm coming over." I replied and hung up As I pulled up to Jake's house he was outside with a smoke and coffee, realizing its like 7 in the morning. "So what happen, you seem eager to get out.?" He asked putting his cigarette out. "Tony." I said looking down, "Oh." He said sipping his coffee he knew about the girls and the late drinking. "Tonight was far worst things he could have done." I said to him, "Fuck it lets go" He said smiling and pulling his duffel out of his roommates place. We piled his bag into my car and we left. I finally called Vic back and he was wondering whats going on, saying that Tony started throwing everything, threw that broad he was with out, completly trashed the back lounge, I told my cousin what had happened, and where I was going, I told him not to say anything to anyone, not even mama and papa Fuentes, "Well you becareful kid" He said to me "I love you and check in from time to time" we both knew i wouldn't "I love you too Vic, give Hime and Mikey a hug for me and I love them." I said when I noticed Jake waving me back. "What about-" "Just don't say anything." I told him cutting him off. I hung up and we got back into the car, heading up towards the coast, and into Portland. New beginnings, New life ------------------------------------------ So what do you think? Let me know down below and stuff~ I'll get a tag list going soon if anyone wants to be tagged.
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