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VAV announcement
Hello Vampz and soon to be Vampz
I have some important news. Gyeoul is no longer in VAV ! And there are 3 new members. Xiao is still on hiatus but as far as I know he is still in the group. Although it is saddening to see Gyeoul go he is still with the company and will be working on producing his own music. please continue to support VAV, Gyeoul and Xiao.
please welcome the new members of VAV:
Yoonho aka Anyo

I can't wait to see how the three new members add to them. Anyo is forever my bebe bear since No.Mercy
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hopefully with the 3 new members and Anyo being known from NoMercy VAV will gain more popularity .
9 months ago
I like VAV and feel.bad they aren't widelyknown.
9 months ago·Reply
me too I've liked them since before their debut when they were putting out the webtoon and I feel bad that they haven't had a stable group with Xiao being on hiatus and Zehan and now Gyeoul leaving and adding members.
9 months ago