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Help Me Please!!!!!!
OK I need help. You see I'm about to start writing a story(it's not a fan fiction). I always look up people to kinda get an idea of how my character will look. In this new story that I'm writing I want my male lead to look like Park Jimin of BTS. The characters parents die when he is about 13 but I still need to know how the will look like. So for the dad I was thinking that maybe Seo In-guk buy for the mom I clueless on who. So I'm asking you the wonderful people of vingle for suggestions. On who can be my male leads(Jimin's) parents.
⬆Seo In-guk⬆
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May be Jun Ji Hyun or Kang Sora since she has a very cute face, big eyes and kissable lips just like Jimin :)
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